House Moves to Terminate National Emergency


McConnell’s life just got rougher as he dosen’t want the class of 2020 on the record. The House is moving forward on the Joint Resolution to terminate Trumps “Mission Accomplished” wall funding National Emergency, when Congress already told him no.

The concurrent resolution under the law is not eligible for filibuster in the Senate and McConnell will have to bring it to a vote within 18 days if it being submitted to the Senate. (I assume it won’t have a problem passing the house.) McConnell will not be able to “Garland” the resolution.

Now in reality I think it will pass the House, have a good chance (better that 50/50) of passing the Senate. Trump will veto and the Senate will not override with the needed 2/3rds majority. If it doesn’t then I think the House will take up a legal case (in addition to the ones already filed in California and DC) as Trumps actions being unconstitutional exercising of the power of appropriations.


I am actually surprised that the admin actually filed the paperwork needed to officially declare an emergency…


I’m actually surprised that they didn’t file it Tuesday.


10 bucks says McConnel ignores it anyway. Whose gonna make him? What repercussions would he have if he didn’t? We all know he’s for flagarantly violating norms if there’s a political benefit, so why wouldn’t he just give the House the finger?


not like his supporter would know the difference.


He’s never disobeyed actual rules before, though…just norms.

This is an actual rule that the Senate has to vote in 18 days, not just a norm.


At least it will reveal that McConnel is essentially just enabling Trump if he doesn’t take action.

Of course, most of us knew that already.


McConnel is the type who changes the rules on the fly if he’s losing. He doesn’t have any respect for the Rules so I’m betting he’ll change them.


I don’t think he can change this one…


Senate will either kill it or ignore it.

Let pols be “on record”. (they will be in the House too, if this actually gets voted on.) It won’t change a thing come election day. Ditto the Green Deal. Dems will win Dem seats and Rs will win R seats, and the divide will go on and on.



Without a veto-proof majority this will be little more than a show vote.

What it may show us though is who is willing to join the Congress and who will remain part of the executive.

I’ve come to believe that Trump will eventually win this battle because of a vaguely written National Emergency law.


Or care if they did. After all, it’s a great chance to pwn the libs!


At least we’ll see how “concerned” and “disturbed” some of these senators are.


Mcconnell is about to have a crappy couple of weeks.


You are correct that this will not end the shutdown unless twenty Republican Senators vote for it…but this vote serves two purposes.

  1. It is a message from Nancy Pelosi to everyone who voted D in 2018 to put restraints on the Trump Regime that the House leadership is following their wishes
  2. It forces Republican Senators who are up for re-election to chose between a vote that drives away their base or a vote that drives away moderates.


Has anyone seen whip counts in the Senate on this one?


Well… this appropriation of funds via executive fiat isn’t going as well as expected.

It included $3.6bn (£2.8bn) in unspent military construction money, as well as $2.5bn (£1.9bn) in counterdrug funds and $600m (£462m) from an asset forfeiture account – the latter two not dependent on the emergency delaration.
But a spokesperson for the House appropriations committee told the Congressional Quartely (CQ) magazine that only $85m (£65m) remains in the counterdrug account, wiping out more than $2.4bn Mr Trump intended for the wall.
In order to recoup that money, the Pentagon is planning to redirect money from other programmes in order to bring the counterdrug account back up to $2.5bn, so that Mr Trump can then move it again into border wall funding.
“The Department would need to reprogramme additional funding into the account to reach the up to $2.5 billion that may be required for border security support,” Defense Department spokesman Christopher Sherwood told CQ.
Any repurposing of funds by the Pentagon, however, would require authorisation from the leaders of the four congressional committees which oversee the department.

So the TL;DR version.

About a 1/3 of the money that the President was counting on is already gone. In order to get it to where he wants it he has to go to Congress.


I’m loving watching Pelosi at work.


My understanding is that many of these projects already have contracts and at this point pausing the project for next year would simply make it more expensive when the project resumes.


McConnell will allow for purple state senators and those with a conscience to vote against the Emergency- knowing it will be vetoed and Trump will get his way. In the end I think the Dems will swing Gardner, Murkowski and Collins- and then there are a number of wildcards…

Rubio, Tillis, Rand Paul, Alexander, Moran, McSally, Romney, Lee…all who have expressed strong tut-tuts about Trump’s move. I’d love to see Romney be the 51st vote against Trump’s move.