House fails to pass $19 billion disaster relief bill after GOP lawmaker objects

Imagine that screwing over a lot of Americans over this dumb border wall. Really block relief over boarder wall funds… How unamerican

I agree with the second reason:

and that it was not paid for.

Any bill passeed after the budget is in place should have a cut of equal value someplace else.

Where are the Tea Party patriots when you need them?


Right here agreeing with that reason, and still advocating for a balanced budget amendment.

Well okay I’m not a member of the tea party . . . . but you get it.

If we’re attempting to lay blame, this is just as much Pelosi’s fault and all the dems who chose to ignore the emergency at the border. This man said…fix all of the emergencies and he’s on board. This sounds simple enough? Is everybody now on board or…are YOU to blame?

Dude, there’s a lot of “emergencies”. What about Medicare? What about Social Security? Should the next lawmaker hold up the bill until those “emergencies” are similarly addressed?

Quit being an apologist for this sort of behavior.

Yeah…I know. Thanks for raising your hand and admitting you are complicit.

The Dems are not ignoring the border. They are simply not going to give Trump the money for his campaign promise that will not fix the problem. They are in favor of measures that will strengthen security at the ports of entry, where the majority of problems are.

Stop. Yes…they are ignoring the border. So did establishment Rs. Trump is the ONLY person to address it.

Nothing that happens during this Trump era should be surprising to anyone. It’s been building in Republican media for 30 years.

You’re the one agreeing with the lawmaker using extortionist tactics. If I had my way every bill would be limited in scope and voted on independently without all these no related issues being added on.

You seem to approve of lawmakers tacking on unrelated things into a bill to try and force its passage.

Is every freaking bill from now til eternity going to have funding for the wall thrown in? Be proud. Be very proud.

The gram in your eye when worshipping Trump is blinding you to reality. Dems have introduced legislation concerning the border so they are not ignoring it.

Is what he did…illegal or was it the kind of tactic our founding fathers chose, to allow one voice…to be heard? Now listen up…I’ve waited long enough. Build that ■■■■■■■ wall.

Yeah…I know. I’m just imagining this illegal immigration problem exacerbating for the last 4 decades. Dems…and Repubs have had ample time to fix it and have not done it. Now you may choose to believe what ever fantasy you choose but I’ve got reality staring me in the face…build the wall.

Our government has already stated that the vast majority of illegal drugs and human trafficking go thru the ports of entry. That is where the main problem is. And the vast majority of people that come over the boarder at non-port of entry locations give themselves up to authorities and request asylum. A wall will not come anywhere close to solving the problems at the border. And yet Trump supporters will not admit that truth.

JUST STOP ALREADY! I’m done with the bull feces. I’ve listened to the border patrol and heard their view on this. Now build the ■■■■■■■ wall…where ever they suggest…and I’m a happy boy.:sunglasses:

Didn’t Donald say the wall was already being built, just not covered by the Deep State lib mob media that seeks to orchestrate a coup against his rule? PROMISE KEPT

Or something to that effect.

…k…now let’s look at the resistance. I’ll be happy if “we” just eliminate that and unite. This needs to be done.


Where you been? I ben missun u. :sunglasses: