House fails to pass $19 billion disaster relief bill after GOP lawmaker objects

Ah, but republican media people and conspiracy theory peddlers know that they have a customer base and they sell to them.

I was in the penalty box for two weeks.

Damn…is that all? You are so nice. :sunglasses:

Yeah…what the ■■■■ does the border patrol know about this? They don’t know squat…amirite? :sunglasses:

Oh…for 1 million dollars…why did the illegal immigration problem in San Diego decline at such a large rate?

…answer. You win the knowledge but you lose the million. :sunglasses:

One guy blocked Pelosi? How? Don’t the Dems have control? Isn’t Cersi Pelosi in charge?


Oh, he’s from Texas, that’s how. :rofl::rofl::rofl::heart:

I can’t tell if you’re serious or not but LMAO. Thank you either way, that made my night.

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While the linked article did mention the increase in technology it did not specifically mention Operation Gatekeeper which was a major part of the reductions in illegal crossings. Like I said, a wall is not the cure all.

So did the whole story come out in the OP? How did one li’l ol’ Texas rep put the bit to Pelosi? There must be more to it…

It really is something how they can all cherry-pick statistics and experts when it doesn’t fit their narrative. And the reality is that Trump isn’t getting his trophy wall funding while the D’s have the house. And even if he steals money from alternative sources a whole bunch of land owners on the Texas border have legal action ready to go. Because of the terrain there are land owners that stand to loose hundreds and in some cases thousands of acres. And they are pissed.

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Senate voted all but 8 people to pass it, trump said he would sign it… Supposed to be a slam dunk in the house. Many house members have left on vacation. Pulled a “parlimentary” move forcing a voice vote and there are not enough people left in washington to take a vote. So it’s essentially stalled until I think June 20th when they all come back.

He blocked a motion for unanimous consent. That put the bill on hold until the house is back in session.

It’s the GOP’s fault that the DEM’s House of Representin’ failed to pass a bill.



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I agree it’s not the cure all but that doesn’t degrade how essential it is in securing our border. It IS a vital component and all who desire our border to be secured should be on board with building it where ever our border patrol suggests it’s needed.