House Dems Launch Sweeping Probe into Trump Corruption

The Judiciary Committee on Monday sent letters to 81 people and entities — including the White House, the Justice Department, senior campaign officials, Trump Organization officials and the President’s sons — marking the start of a broad investigation that will tackle questions including possible corruption, obstruction of justice, hush-money payments to women, collusion with Russia and allegations of the President abusing his office and using it for personal gain.

This is where the oversight really begins. I can already hear Jordan tearing his hair out.


I predict a lot of “executive time” with rapid fire tweets to follow soon.

Glad to see Congress finally moving back towards being a coequal branch.


Jim Jordan is garbage.

Maybe Congress can investigate him as well. I’m sure there’s a few things in his past that can be made public. Show the country what an excrement this turd really is.

That is a huge list of people. Yuge!

Outstanding! Maybe they can not pass any stupid laws for a while. Lock him up! Lock him up!

“Sweeping!” :rofl:


When fake Russian collusion and Mueller’s obstruction investigations don’t succeed…try, try again.


Look at the list again.

If you recognize the people on it, you can see what information they are wanting to obtain.


Wait - the Mueller investigation ended and we know the conclusions? I must have missed that.


Mueller, along with a large team of crack lawyers, is charged with investigating any collusion and any related obstruction involving Trump.
The FBI and the state of NY are involved in investigating anything related to his finances, taxes, or charitable fund.
Conclusion: House Democrats have nothing to add to these investigations…except to turn it all into a political circus.

If the Democrats insist on pushing for judicial investigation of Trump’s associates to look for a crime or crimes in the hope of undoing the democratic results of a constitutionally valid election that expressed the will of the people, I can foresee a lot of sealed indictments listing actual crimes being opened with those same democrat insurrectionists named in them.

It would actually be impossible to “undo” an election.

Even if Trump gets impeached (I don’t think he will), the presidency passes to the duly elected Vice President. No one would be “undoing” anything.

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Wrong. Notorious AOC will get to the bottom of this!

For AOC to be the dumbest liberal alive she sure tweaks you guys buttons

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I love her. We’re both Latinos!

A few people and organizations are missing from that list, including Fox News.


Sharon engle and michelle bauchmann were two dumb birds and the Left never attacked them like the Right has done to AOC

Really? Where from?

Sounds just like the FBI.