House Democrats to propose universal background checks for gun sales

How much of that would be admissible in a court of law without a warrant?

That’s your argument?

Just out of curiosity, what case determined that a national firearms registry is unconstitutional? Would a state registry be unconstitutional?

Because herald always have to be changing something. This would only be the first step. It’s readily apparent most democrats don’t give a damn about the second amendment. What would the next step be liberals?

Ugh liberals. Damn this stupid refresh.

How do you get every single person to register all their firearms to be on the registry? Start kicking down doors, detaining people, and ransacking their houses in the name of finding firearms?

Of course not, you merely make it a crime to have an unregistered firearm. Over time, the vast majority of legal firearms will be registered…

How do you enforce that? Find those unregistered firearms?

The same way to enforce any number of laws requiring registration. You only prosecute for these crimes when they are found during criminal investigations. Felons are not allowed to have firearms yet we don’t go kicking in there doors looking for firearms. They are typically charged when the firearm is discovered while investigating something else.

Haynes vs. US

Also 18 U.S. Code § 926

Haynes v. US only ruled that the statute requiring someone ALREADY prohibited from owning firearms to register violated their 5th amendment rights. The National Firearms Act was revised after the decision and tested again in US v. Freed and registration was upheld.

18 U.S. Code § 926 would presumably be revised if congress passed a national registration requirement for all firearms. It’s statute, not part of the constitution.

You need to go to deeper than wikipedia on Haynes. It effectively destroys the concept of universal registration.

I understand about the Code and you are correct. It is current law and is of course being violated.

Of course even Haynes could be overturned by the SCOTUS. I’m sure Thomas and Goresich are chomping at the bit. :wink:

That is an interesting decision.

I really hope they do this. It will give CPR to the NRA or its replacement and unit the right.

Be a good test of the SCOTUS.

I would be fine if they figured out a way to ALLOW people to call in for a background check.

Requiring it is a whole nother unenforceable ball of wax.

Agreed. Gun control always turns out so well for the Dems at the ballot box after they attempt it.

I’ve read the entire opinion on US v. Haynes… Why don’t you tell us where you see them destroying the concept of universal registration. We seem to have universal registration of Class III weapons and explosive devices currently. Are you suggesting that these are unconstitutional under US v. Haynes?

On wikipedia?