House Democrats to propose universal background checks for gun sales

How are you going to identify “stockpiling” without a registry?

Yeah that’s not the way it works.

It would be like the govt saying all used cell phones must be sold through a provider, but not having any way of saying who owns/sold what.

This isn’t difficult. You agree to sell a gun. You and the purchaser go to an FFL of your choice. FFL submits background check and conducts transfer when it’s approved.

If you don’t follow the rule, you pay whatever penalty the law allows. No need for a registry.

In fact, my gun club is licensed as an FFL and conducts free transfer days so there’s no transfer fee at all.

There’s no need to add complexity to obscure this. Many states already do it.

If you don’t know I own something, please prove I sold it…

That’s not how it works. There are two transfers.

We won’t.

You’ll have committed a crime when you do, but that’s your call.

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So it’s an unenforceable toothless law.

Which is what I said originally.

Exactly how does a background check prevent murder? Do you really believe that the majority of criminals buy their guns at gun stores? Do you really believe that if a person intent on committing a crime, let alone a murder, when told they can’t buy a gun at the gun store that they will simply give up and go home and not figure out another way to get a gun or use another type of weapon to enact the murder?

Pretty much the same as subscription drugs. We don’t have a registry of all subscription pills, yet we still manage to prosecute some of the evildoers. I know I don’t freely trade subscription drugs.

There’s a paper trail for prescription drugs.

Prosecute them for what?

Yup. From manufacturer to consumer. Exactly like the current paper trail on new firearms. Yet, we still enforce laws regarding subsequent transfers.

What does that mean?

That doesn’t work either.

In order to look up that form law enforcement has to have the gun in their possession.

They contact the manufacturer who tells them which distributor they sold it to.

The distributor says which gun shop.

The gun shop says who bought it from them.

“I sold it”

Now what?

You would mean PRIVATE says of any kind wouldn’t it. Have you ever been to a gun show. The booths are essentially all FFL and run background checks on everything they sale. There are however private individuals on occassion walking around trying to see something they own.

This is where I am different than many republican/conservatives. I think there should be universal background checks on gun sales. However the law should mandate the checks can be performed at any police station/substation/whatever in a timely fashion and at very minimal charge (example utah has a $7.50 background fee that is waived if the buyer has a concealed carry card). Fee shouldn’t be more than $10 in any state, and should be instant (for the most part, unless something needs to be checked then it has to be done in say 72 hours or it’s approved.)

Exactly. You’re insisting on 100% traceability as a prerequisite. We don’t even do that with other things like prescription drugs. Yet, we can still find some overall benefit and prosecute some of the wrongdoers without having to track every pill.

Wouldn’t law enforcement need a warrant to search through credit card records “just to see” if there are people stock piling guns?

Or is “big data” going to turn every record of a gun purchase on a credit card over to law enforcement just because?

The 2016 polls were pretty accurate. Clinton won the popular vote by the margins that the polls predicted.

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Not quite.

You can’t prosecute anyone without a registry.

Prescription drugs are illegal without a prescription. Easy to prosecute.

Guns are not.

Most of the information in question is not private. I could right an algorithm to identify gun owners from social media posts. It wouldn’t be more than 95% accurate in all likelihood but it would be better than 80%. Then you would have to count on all these social media sites protecting our identity. Really? Since their business models all depend on selling information on your behavior to advertisers don’t kid yourself that your privacy is protected.

All I am really saying is that anyone who thinks a national gun registry puts them at risk is fooling themselves. That train has already left the station. You would have to be fully off the grid to think you are not fully exposed and few people are that far off the grid.