House Committee Subpoenas 5 GOP Representatives

Yeah…I think you libs have done enough ■■■■■■■ damage.

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You may think that but imagine if Trump had been successful in overturning the results of the election.

The country would fly apart.

You think that economics are bad now? Imagine how it would be when the entire world can no longer trust the stability of the US.

What Trump tried to do was the most dangerous thing a President has ever done to this country.

And the “Patriots” applaud it.


I expect they will be afflicted by mass memory failure.

Country is and has been flying apart the moment Trump beat your Queen.

Yeah…like the world has any faith in Brandon. A senile old man that doesn’t have a clue of what’s going on and no one knows who’s actually running things.

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Trump was the duly elected President of the 2016 election. He had his four years and. He lost.

He could not accept that and he tried to bring the country down with him.

President Biden was handed a ■■■■ sandwich.

So far the employment numbers have been good, he has passed a much needed infrastructure on a bipartisan basis, his foreign policy has been pretty good at restoring the US as the world leader.

His Covid policy has been hampered by vaccine resistance… because people are hard headed idiots sometime, he dropped the ball on national testing for Covid… that was a huge failure. The administration has been behind the eight ball on crumbling supply chains which have added to inflation which is a global problem right now.

All in all Biden is doing well in some areas and struggling in others.

But it is a ■■■■ sandwich

I also enjoy the accusations of senility of Biden when we hear stories about concerns of Chinese Death Hurricanes from the previous administration.

It is pretty funny.

Do you wizard of smart leftists think anybody gives a ■■■■ anymore.

Your little show trial to try to stir up what’s left of the democrat base and justify that bogus committee’s prewritten report accusing trump of being Satan and all Republicans of worshipping him is pretty much a non existent issue in a country that liberalism and liberals have screwed up as badly as your people have…don’t you think?

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No…libs couldn’t accept that, and so couldn’t government corrupt bureaucrats.

Which is worst…people raising up against what might be corrupt election process or having government officials to over throw a dully elected pres?

You decide.

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What areas is he doing well?

It wasn’t a corrupt election process. You have been lied to. The people who “rose” up against were lied to.

The Jan 6th attack on the Capitol is the small potatoes though.

The President using the power of his office in an attempt to overturn the results of an election that he lost was the real danger. And we are finding out how many people in government were willing to go along with the destruction of the Republic to achieve that end.


Unemployment is 3.6%… that is pretty good.

Bipartisan Infrastructure bill is good.

Put the US back as leader of the free world and has brought more unification to NATO than has happened in decades.

Sadly parts of his agenda, like addressing climate change and dealing with student loan debt ( things that younger voters care about) have gotten sidelined.

I’m just gonna go with sanity. I’m enjoying the sanity.

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And decency. Sanity and decency.

Pretty hard for a man with senility to pull off, so for that even more credit.

Putin unified NATO, not Biden. Zelensky even wants EU to start a new defense Army with France at the head.
Won’t happen because we provide the dollars.

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That committee is like a panel of inmates running the insane asylum. It’s not even a legitimate Congressional panel since they broke all the House rules to convene this panel of clowns.

It’s a documented fact that Nancy Pelosi declined 20,000 National Guard offered by the WH to back up the Congressional Police on 1/6/2020 so why isn’t that being investigated?

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I’m missing that part, when the administration writes itself a letter via a national school board organization asking itself to spy on parents, and then refuses to turn over FOIA requests about this process.
Where the border is overrun and the administration response is to overturn the stay in Mexico rule as soon as the courts will allow.

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John Eastman’s plan was to install a tyranny in my state and there’s proof and they really tried. Y’all can kick rocks with this it doesn’t matter stuff.


Come on…you miss the tweets right?

I have my doubts that our response to Russia and Ukraine would be the same if Trump was in charge and that means that NATO would have likely been further weakened, not strengthened.

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You are correct but Trump would have sided with Putin against NATO and they’d be occupying Kyiv right now and we all know it, even you.

Yes, the end of the petro dollar is going to be a lot of fun.