House Committee Subpoenas 5 GOP Representatives

The GOP is expected to take back the House next year after the elections.

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan of Ohio, Scotty Perry of Pennsylvania, Andy Biggs of Arizona and Mo Brooks of Alabama.

This could be either brilliant or horrendous.

Brilliant in that if they refuse the subpoenas, it looks like they are hiding something going into the mid-terms. And it establishes a precedent for the GOP next year if they hold investigations where they want to call DEM Reps into testify. If the GOP Reps refuse saying that Congress can’t force Congressmembers to testify, it sets a standard for the GOP. Next year DEMs can refuse to testify based on the GOP position this year.

Horrendous in that if the GOP Reps honor the subpoenas, then the DEMs wouldn’t have a leg to stand on (politically) next year.

It will interesting to see how this plays out.


They might as well show up.

They have to know that the committee already have the texts and emails.

Personally I think there are two possibilities pertaining to them appearing before the committee on live television and under oath…

Slim and none. (And slim left town.)


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I agree.

And if they take Congress they can’t complain when the Dems blow off their subpoenas.

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Five people with nothing to hide who will fight sharing what they don’t have to hide.


Aren’t political show trials fun.


Why not subpoena 205, 206, 207??

Or at least the 150 or so that protested the election results.

Not that it matters anyways.

Just one more thing the dimocrats are going to end up regretting.

dimocrats politicians are complete fools, being led by corrupt geriatrics, idiots, ideologues and multi-national corporations.

They may want to rethink this before it’s too late.

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Not yet they aren’t.


From the article:

“Nothing’s more awkward than a violent insurrection where people died, so we’re trying to extricate ourselves from the politics of violence, insurrections and coups, and the way to get out of it is through the truth,” Raskin said.

That is a description of a leftist brawl. People died of natural causes, but the only person killed, was by a leftist’s gun.

Say you want to get to the truth as the article claims? You start telling the truth.


Who is paying attention to this committee? :joy:

You don’t know Byed’s political leanings

LOL at Capitol Security being a “Leftist Gun”

This snark brought to you by an avid supporter of four years of Benghazi hearings.


Cops are well known for being leftist lol.

The single most politically liberal cop I’ve ever heard of in my life-Peter Moskos, who did a year or so as a Baltimore cop before becoming a sociologist and then a professor at John Jay-is like center-left at best.

ETA: Maybe the dude who was the Minneapolis chief ten, fifteen years ago? But he was just like, domestic violence is bad and I punish cops when they break the law.

And wanted Congress to investigate Obama’s birth certificate


Damn, I almost forgot that Benghazi happened during the 2012 election, there were four years of hearings on it and when they expected Hillary to win they were promising another four years of hearings.

No body cares anymore…most people with a half a brain knows it’s a farce/political stunt.


I personally would like to know who in Congress was on board with Eastman’s highly illegal plan to overturn the result of the election that Trump lost.

I’m sure most people now wish they did…because YOU guys ■■■■■■ up everything you all touched. You meaning libs/radical left-wing communist wannabes.


Yes… most people wish that Trump was successful in destroying Republic to hold onto power.

I am sure that you believe that to be true.