House committee approves landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level

Not true. I made no mention of the Dems or the Reps at all. You are the only one who went down that rabbit hole.

I spoke about Mitch McConnell, the current Senate Majority leader who is adamantly opposed to marijuana legalization. Has been for decades. And will be for as long as he is in control of the bills that come to the floor of the Senate. Regardless of who sponsors them, what money may be involved, or what the current polling may say.

His bread has been buttered for decades on enforcement of prohibition laws that help to finance for profit prisons. He will not change…ergo, legalization will never occur while he is in power.

This is a serious post, with logic and reasoning.

Now, hit me with an Orange Man Bad meme or some other nonsense about R’s bad D’s good. :slight_smile:


See, I said be serious. lol

I’m sorry. I can’t remember that far back. :wink:

But you can’t deny there is opposition.

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Only one of us has failed in this regard. Now, have the last word, or meme, or what have you.



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The only progress on this issue HAS been by Democrats; FACT. Backwards red states will be the last to legalize.

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My side isn’t the one moaning and pearl clutching about “drugs on the streets”…

What I love is that the States have already decided and there really is no turning back.

Pot legalization hits all the conservative benchmarks- its libertarian, its a states rights issue, it decreases the need for taxpayer money criminalizing those who consume cannabis. Pretty much a no brainer except for the “Drugs are baaaaaaaad” reefer madness canard that is dying with the older generation.

It’d be great if the GOP Senate took this up…but they won’t. Not yet…maybe in a decade or so after a younger crew step in.


Agreed, it’s good to be younger than all these partisan hacks from days gone by. :sunglasses:

I would never deny that, nor would I deny that it always has to do with whoever is paying them at the time.

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In fairness, neither is “my side”. There are some on my side, and some on your side as well. :man_shrugging:

Agree. Now we can look forward to legalization at some point, and more taxes!

On this board? Or in general?

no but it is the one becoming armchair libertarians to legalize rec pot

On the bright side, it’s only a matter of time before no one is paying attention to small personal grows anymore than they pay attention to how much wine people brew at home already. :wink:

Both. You’re not a part of the Conservative group here, so you probably don’t have enough insight there. We know full-well where each of us individuals stand on the matter. :wink:

I think that’s already happening, really. At least here. You never hear of anyone being busted for more plants than they’re “allowed”, unless it’s a pretty big grow.

Armchair? Seems like the bill being created and states passing rules is a bit more…

We do have all the whiners in every weed/drug thread here though, and it’s pretty much the conservatives that complain about legalization. :wink:

Still fresh here in Missouri. There have been about a half dozen people arrested in the Kansas City/Independence area this year for possession of their medicine and medical card.

It’s… well… it’s freaking madness is what it is. lol

I’m sure that is correct. Ain’t no way after a over a decade of being active on this forum we can’t develop the insights on individual posters…