House committee approves landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level

I don’t like the fact that the names of the sponsors could alone be enough to kill this, and I especially hate the idea of an additional 5% tax on the commodity, but here we are, one baby step at a time, one dollar at a time.

I say full legalization across the nation by 2024*. What say you?

*subject to sin taxation and regulation.


I don’t know about 2024, but I’m betting this doesn’t get through the Senate.

By the time 2024 wraps up, we’re looking at just about every State having already approved either medical or recreational. It’s going to happen no matter what at this point, and the feds are already starting to salivate over the profit margins of that sexy new sin tax.

I think we’re within 5 years… well, 4 now that I’ve been saying 5 for a year now. lol

Agreed on the point about the Senate, but mostly because of the two primary sponsors of this bill.

I’d say mostly because of McConnell.

Yeah, him, because of the sponsors. One big slap fest. lol


The sponsors are irrelevant. McConnell opposes legalization, therefore he will never take it up in the Senate as long as he is in power.

Yeah yeah yeah, Republican bad, Democrap good. Blah blah blah. Drone drone drone. lol

In the real world, they’re all a bunch of gutless bribes.

How 'bout that OP, eh? How long do you think before national legalization?

Do you think McConnell would bring it up if it was republican sponsors?

finally more drugs on the street!

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I dunno, he’s a ridiculously old fossil on a Reefer Madness level of stupidity. What I think will happen, is he will be told whether or not to support it (or any other legalization bill), depending on whatever money training is driving Congress’ decision-making at the time.


Um…okay? Seriously, McConnell has made it very clear he personally opposes legalization of marijuana. This has nothing to do with Republicans bad or whatever other nonsense this was here. McConnell will not allow any legalization to come for a vote in the Senate as long as he is the Majority leader.

So, as to the OP, it will not ever happen until after McConnell is no longer Majority Leader of the Senate.

But his pro-prohibition stance isn’t funny.

In reality, McConnell is a real problem for marijuana, and every dollar spent on a Cocaine Mitch t-shirt is just more money toward the failed drug war.

It is sad to say, but marijuana legalization at the national level doesn’t have a prayer as long as McConnell is running the show.

And make no mistake about it, he is.

Maybe. But I’d bet big money he’d bring it up if the sponsors were, say, Nunes & Jordan…

And that’s what’s wrong in congress. Doesn’t matter if it’s a worthwhile bill, just that you oppose the sponsors.

Thanks for at least throwing that in after all the partisan-worshiping nonsense, even if it was just more partisan nonsense. lol

Oh well. I tried to have a discussion. Sorry it was one sided. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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Exactly, it’s all about the money and who’s pulling the purse at the time. Keep that mob at each other’s throat and the gates will remain standing. Eventually, we’ll be left relieved to accept another tax on our rights. :wink:

No, you came in with that lame old Dems vs Reps BS. I’ll be happy to take you seriously if you want to be serious. :wink:

Well, the money but also not letting the opposition get anything through.

Only pharmaceutical are allowed to make money off pain!

Opposition is a fluid construct up there. When was the last time we ever got anything without having to pay them money in the process? Why do they have to get paid for everything you do? :thinking:

Yes, this.

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