HOME DEPOT caught going CRT Woke

And 100 percent that’s pushing it doesn’t know just how racist and bigoted that they really are.

A theory that looks at the role of racism in our institutions and seeks to address it is… racist

I love it here

it makes white people feel sad.
its bad for society.

Nope. I have all races employed by me. I couldn’t care less as long as they do the job I pay them to do.


Doesn’t make me feel sad.

Do what you say you are going to do for the wage that is paid. Who cares what color you are.

most people don’t.
the point of diversity training is to stop conflict between employees to reduce liability.
maybe Home Depot has been getting complaint from their minority staff.

You’re a self professed smart guy. Do your own thing. Lead the way!

You’re never going to stop conflict between employees. Good grief.

again that isn’t the point.
the point is to stop liabilities.
Home Depot doesn’t wanna get sued for workplace harassment.

Home Depot can now in future dispute say they trained their employees on diversity which will benefit them in court.

Meh. Don’t worry about it. It used to be sexual harassment, etc. etc.

Plop an employee manual down, have them sign off on it or hit the dirt.

Here’s a novel concept: I pay you to do a job and you agreed to do the job for the pay I offered.

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Con-cocted Con logic I suppose.

I think it’s a brilliant strategy, more of it plz before November.

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Still don’t get it…who ■■■■■■■ gives a ■■■■ except racist.

Again…YOUR resentment of being a minority is not my problem.

Logic that is way beyond your comprehension.

< oldman >Back in my day it meant cathode-ray tube.</ oldman >

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If the white people aren’t happy, are we truly free?

LOL!!! It’s a non issue IMO.

:rofl: So a program guaranteed to instill divisiveness through teaching employees to view each other through the color of their skin, and membership in identity groups, rather than the content of their individual character, is supposed to reduce conflict.

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Well, this program is workplace harassment, so expect the lawsuits to fly.

To try to help their staff be sensitive to community members and customers around them?