HOME DEPOT caught going CRT Woke

Well, well, well. So in order to stock shelves, answer questions about where an item is located in the store or sell tool and building supplies you need to discuss woke interpersonal opinions of privilege with your co-workers. You know this is going to spread like wildfire across the net. Go woke, go broke.

‘Woke’ Home Depot flyer causes online stir A leaked training pamphlet from a Canadian store has divided the internet


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Of course, it’s from a Canadian store.

Likely it’s influenced by all the moose urine spreading giardia in the drinking water.

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They left out the part about transgender privilege, where you get to compete against actual women and girls simply by claiming you think you are female.

Check your privilege. It’s bad enough that you’re white, or Christian, or not gay. :wink:

Really makes you want to spend your dollars in their establishment. Kind of like wanting to support the Salvation Army.

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CRT has gone global!! Hide yo kids


lol, triggered.


What I don’t get is, what is the goal here? What are they trying to accomplish? Most people are going to look at that and say to themselves, ok. Then go about their lives as usual.

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The usual suspects, with the usual banter. Trigger the two ducks and bowl of food on the floor.

CRT. That’s what I teach. Like every other teacher I know.

But not our doughty anti-woke warriors! Oh no, they will drag it here for your teeth gnashing pleasure.


So long as it’s not in my face, I won’t stop going. As brutal as BLM and race baiters are if a business DOES NOT COMPLY, I can understand the virtue signaling. It’s fine. It will no doubt backfire.

why do you care what Home depot does ?

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Gotta invade Canada to liberate them from CRT.

We are in the twilight zone.

90% of those opposed to CRT have no idea what it actually is

More and more it just means “stuff I don’t like”.

Really, no one cares about the woke agenda and if they do they are just a small minority. For every store that tries to push this on folks there will be others who don’t.

Stores that just sell a quality product at a reasonable price. Wish the cashier a good day and move on with your day.

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Have you never been to diversity training at work?
this flyer was for employee not customers.