HIV-HPV is there really a difference?

It would seem our genius president doesnt know…

I assume you’ve got a typo in your title.

That is something, though. Like not knowing the difference between chicken pox and smallpox.

Yeah…should be HPV…damn phone

Real billionaire schools fake billionaire. Watch out for mean tweets, Bill.

heh heh hehe

HIV-HIV is there really a difference?

Brilliant Irony!

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HIV-HIV is there really a difference?

Not according to Trump and now you. What’s this thread about anyways?:rofl:

Yes that’s called auto correct…it happens…

Oh…so your "smart"phone didn’t know there was a difference either? You are killing me.:rofl:

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damn. that’s scary stupid.

All Gates had to do to differentiate for Trump was to say “HPV is the one I guarantee you gave to your wife.”

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Rich kid adulterer who doesn’t know the STDs.

Man, I feel bad for all his wives and girlfriends and affairs.

He’s an anti-intellectual president who practices what he preaches. Can’t fault him for that!

No for some reason my phone likes to autocorrect the right words into something different…it also likes to erase the word “its”.

I dont get it and I’m too lazy to figure it out

mine does that. for example if i type “weather van” i’ll notice that “weatherman” will be in italics where the suggestions show. all the other suggestions will not be in italics. once i hit space it automatically changes it to “weatherman”. it’s cool when i have a typo, it’s very bad when i’ve typed what i want.

yes, i know weather van is a weird example.

That sounds like something Trump would tweet. Great minds I guess…

His wife is too old.


Nobody is surprised by this anymore. He’s always the dumbest one in the room.

One ofmy favorite things about Trump is when he discovers something new, it’s as if no one else knew either.