HIV-HPV is there really a difference?

Look man, not everyone who served time in the Personal 'Nam had time to identify every enemy leaping out of the bush.


How doesn’t he know what HIV is? Come on.

Someone should tell him that you can add a little water to leftovers before microwaving.


You would think that President Dennison would know about STDs.

Being as sex was his personal Vietnam.

… Shouldn’t a man know about the battlefield he fights upon?


“Which is different from the herpes you gave to that porn star”.

What’s at least as bad is Trump is an anti-vaxxer.

Like a lot of parents, they’re looking for point source/cause for their childs autism. While no one knows for sure, one of the leading possibilities is…older men and their busted sperm becoming fathers.

I was reading where trump had a meeting with Bill Gates about public health, where trump asked him if vaccines are a good thing. We’d be better off with a potato in the Oval Office.

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not everyone can be a genious like you Mr. Balls

Ah the old blame the phone excuse. Is that why you’re so irrational most of the time?

I know!!! We wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings now would we! Double Standards! It’s ok if the Democrats do something, but not if the Republicans do it! lmao!

Considering it’s spelled “genius” it seems you’ve hit the nail on the head.

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What are you talking about

Bwahahahaha!!! :rofl: :clap:

Huh. I wonder if he ever felt nervous using the HOV lanes on the freeway. You know, without protection.

What on earth are you talking about?

Dude has been spreading his cooties all over the place.