Hillary will run again- Former senior advisor


She has as much right to speak as Palin. She makes a hell of a lot more sense than Palin.


I’m tired of the Trumps. Can we forget them too?


The only reason Reagan got popular with Republicans was because of his acting career. Republicans love name recognition. Reagan, Dubya, Trump. Especially if they’ve been a TV personality. Reagan and Trump are great examples. We can blame “The Apprentice” for Trump. Without that reality show, we wouldn’t have Dumb Donald in the White House.


With Michelle Obama’s book coming out, they’ll have something racial to talk about.


Does Palin still speak? I haven’t heard her in a long time,


Why, Beto lost to the zodiac killer who is one of the most disliked senators in America. Hillary on the other hand is a two time senator, Secretary of State, and former First Lady.


i was not happy when trump was nominated although i went with it for a while

if hillary lost to him then she cant beat anybody

she knows that


We can’t say what she knows or what she realizes. I think she’s convinced herself that Russia stole the election from her. She’s obsessed with being president.
Look up Harold Stassen. Hillary’s another Stassen.


well russia did steal the election for her

i dont mind

i didnt want hillary in there anyway

i dont care how she lost


And then you proceed to do so.


hey you just said we dont know what hillary knows

and then you told me what hillary knows


You’re quick on your feet. We may keep you after all.


thanks i like you people


Well, she’s said she wants to be President. Whether that fleshes out into another run…we shall see. May have to watch the next few months and see what gets thrown out there to gauge the climate.


that makes sense

after all we are only guessing


What the hell is your problem?

Or are you now trying to say only “certain” people, mainly libs like yourself. are welcome here and can post?

I have been here for years. You are just being plain rude.


If there’s an internet, then there’s a way!


im beginning to learn that


Hillary only got 8% on a poll of potential Democratic candidates according to our host’s article.


Biden and Sanders will both be pushing 80 in 2020. Why would anyone want them?
Repeal of the 2nd Amendment is not going to happen.
That poll must have been taken of the loony fringe element.