Hillary will run again- Former senior advisor


Your personal opinion of Beto doesn’t mean anything. Were you one of the ones saying that Hillary had way more money than trump, yet she didn’t win? Whomp, whomp.


Beto already has one big ability for a politican and that is to raise a LOT of cash.



Until I saw these posts today, O’Rourke is the last person I would have even thought of for 2020. Where in the world did this come from?


id never vote for beto but he certainly doesnt come across as a jerk

just my two cents


Meh. All you’ve done during this election season is post many versions of “Beto bad. Me no like”


You cant be that politically naive, can you?

I know you dont like him but.



Wait, you say you live in Texas, you claim to follow politics closely, and this is the first time you’ve heard it mentioned that Beto is a contender for 2020? Something does not add up here Bill.


Have you ever watched him? He literally jerks his arms up and down when he speaks. He looks like a stringed puppet.



my household is ■■■■■■■■ bricks about beto

mostly because fox news is talking about boring stuff this week


i have watched him

hes got a good look

again id never vote for him

but people are going to compare him to obama and have a lot of hope


You are seriously criticizing a politician for moving his arms?


It’s the first time I’ve heard it since he lost. It’s the first time I’ve heard of him since he lost.


i first hear about beto and 2020 on fox news soon after he lost


rush mentioned beto and 2020 last week


i dont know how you missed it


If you say so, I believe you. I’m just surprised. It’s been a part of the national story line preceding the midterms and has followed since the midterms concluded.


i dont mean to smother

you guys talk now

im enjoying this conversation


Musta been tough losing the house and all.

I didnt know much a week after Hillary lost either.

so i understand.



I wasn’t a bit disturbed losing the House.
The Republican Party is almost as worthless as the Democrat. I would have been disturbed losing the Senate. That’s where the Judges are confirmed.


I love seeing cons getting all perspired over the mere suggestion that Hillary might … i say JUST MIGHT run.

Please keep the show going. It’s fun to watch.