Hillary in the News Again About Running. Again

“Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Bloomberg have both told people privately in recent weeks that if they thought they could win, they would consider entering the primary ”

they just can’t let her go.

so there it is she is officially thinking about it.

y’all better stop hatin on her. it could be a rematch.

would she win? you cant deny there’d be a tidal wave of support

here, at gateway pundit:

You should ignore her. She’s just trolling in order to make certain people mad.

Miss I’m too stupid to know what email to use is looking at running.:rofl::popcorn:

she may be the next president.

can’t discuss it?

it’s now to the point where several seem to want no one to talk about her


well like it or not, shes thinking about running.

thats gonna make people talk about her

Yeah…“they” can’t let her go, can “they.” :rofl:


you see it right there yourself.

evidently not

maybe thats what motivates her to think about running

“If she thought she could win she’d enter.”

She has not entered.

So she doesn’t think she could win.

And the story is, what exactly?


thats not weird.

whats weird is how we’re not supposed to talk about the news in the NYT now

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ummm…do you want someone to sum up the article?

Someone’s TALKING about her! And then she said a thing!


You haven’t provided an ample summary of an article behind a pay wall.

Who reported that Clinton privately expressed she’d run if she thought she could win? It wasn’t an…anonymous source was it?

The devil woman that the CEC feasted on for 20+ years



Stop making it about the source! What do you think about the idea THAT SHE COULD RUN AGAIN???

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not worthy of being in NYT?

what exactly are the criteria for whether something in the NYT and media at large should not be discussed?

Hillarfree Clinton…

Rent free in the minds of cons
Free woman


Still trying to justify their support for Trump with Hillary

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she’s thinking about running for the presidency acc to the old grey lady

sorry but she’s relevant again