Hillary Helping to Set the Stage for Post Election Chaos

at least until they cull in enough mail votes to win after the election

which is why they are so desperate for them, as is obvious

i am curious what she means by this:

“We have to have our own teams of people to counter the force of intimidation that the Republicans and Trump are going to put outside polling places.“

since this doesnt go on hardly, let me translate that for you from leftist-mob inciting speak to reality language:

“we have to have our teams of people intimidate trump voters at the polls and create chaos under the lying pretense that we are fighting back”

Poor Hillary. It was her turn. :rofl:


cant wait for the first “trump ready to blame his loss on fraud” post

Maybe she’ll get some more White House scraps if the Kid Sniffer wins. lol

This is why.


Man, that has to just burn. I mean even Joe sniffer Biden gets the nod over her.

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“this is why” what?

were republicans intimidating people at the polls?

“I have a vagina! I have to be the winner!”


“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black!”


i guess she forgot what she said during the debates when asked if trump wouldnt accept results. lol

fricken democrats man. no self awareness or even any pretense of not being hypocritical ■■■■■■■■


man, if trump wins, what kind of chaos are they going to inflict?

that says to me “no matter what dont concede”

already pulling twilight joe’s marionette strings

i changed the title. more along lines of what she is suggesting

even if trump winds up winning in the end, they’ll have created the narrative that he “stole” it like they did when psychopath al gore lost

at worst they’re setting up for “trump with an asterisk”

And if the vote count has Biden as the winner you’re gonna want Trump to do…what?

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if biden wins he wins

trump goes back to being a billionaire while the US becomes Portland


Turn over keys to the White House on Jan 20th.

No chaos necessary.



IF Trump manages to pull off a victory, below is likely what it will look like. Trump will likely take a minority of the popular vote, perhaps several points below Biden.

The election would likely hinge on Trump winning Maine’s 2nd Congressional District and keeping Biden from winning Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District.

Likely both his best case scenario and only winning scenario.

Thats diffeRent…

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The predictions for Wisconsin and Arizona seem questionable.