Hillary gearing up for 2020

Hillary will run in 2020, she is already getting press coverage that any other candidate would die for. She is adopting a centrist tone on immigration which will play more in attracting independents and not just to play with the far left.

Hillary isn’t stupid she is taking the lessons she learned from her 2016 defeat to the orange man and will apply it to 2020. Hillary recently came out in a Guardian interview and said of Europe’s immigration.

((Europe “has done its part” by accepting migrants from around the world, the former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate told the Guardian. But she also contended that by opening the door to those seeking refuge, the continent had welcomed political upheaval. Fears over immigration fanned the flames of identity-based political backlashes, she said, while suggesting it underpinned everything from the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union to the election of President Donald Trump.

“I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame” of populism, she said.

While she expressed admiration for the “very generous and compassionate approaches” toward immigration taken by leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Clinton advised Europe to “send a very clear message – ‘we are not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support.’”))

Hillary is admitting to what everyone paying attention already knew the migration was the tipping point for Brexit, Trump, Italy, and all of Central Europe. She rightly identifies the problem and she will run to the right of the abolish ice candidates which is smart because that is the rest of the field. She also a day later said America needs reform not open borders.

She is obviously testing the waters for another run and why not she won the popular vote and she will dominate the southern states as well as NY in a primary.

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There is zero chance of her becoming the 2020 nominee.

I don’t think that she will be the nominee but if she is… and she wins… and the Dems take the Senate because the senate map is a lot more in their favor in 2020 and 2022… I will laugh and laugh and laugh at the Trump supporters.

It is a world that you would have made.

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I don’t know why some on the far right so desperately need for Hillary to run again.

They like scaring–or exciting–themselves with the same old stories, I guess.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a great Vince Foster story . . .


Not this thread again…she wont be running sorry…

How many threads on this Hillary thing has there been? Jeez, the Trumpies are sure getting all in a bind about having Hillary in the picture. I can’t wait and see how you Trumpies go nuts when she doesn’t run. You won’t know what to do with yourselves.

I don’t know never say never, and as the op pointed out if she runs as a centrist against a field that is moving further to the left they will be splitting the votes, not her. Think about it Sanders - Warren - Beto - Kamala Harris. All these people will be splitting the vote from the same voter pool. That’s what gave us Trump, you had Macro, Jeb, Christie, and others competing for the same vote.

Oh boy, another “Hillary is running” thread! We definitely needed another one of these!


She is acting like a nominee, she is putting herself on major news stations she isn’t talking about how we need to support other democrat nominees she is talking about herself.

She barely lost 2016, why would she not run? If Biden doesn’t put his hat in the race, odds are she will run. You don’t have to be far right to listen to what she is talking about in her interviews, and she is doing the rounds more than any other candidate for 2020.

It’s like a gun thread…always a party


Yep. Unless she spends her own money, she won’t have the funding for another go at it.

How many Russian threads do we need? I have come here before and the whole front page be littered with them. This is the only clinton 2020 thread on the first two pages.

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You’re sure putting a lot hopes and dreams on a dark horse bet. :wink:

And here you are, like clockwork. :wink:

i dont care if hillary runs

im scared of beto running

if beto runs

then texas is up for grabs

beto wins texas

and beto wins the whole shebang

There is zero chance Trump will get the nomination…………….

There is zero chance Trump will win……………

Oh ■■■■■

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i think beto is going to do an end run on america

and have a reunion of his punk band

in the situation room

of the white house

he might even drop an album as president

and i would die of shame

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Here you are stalking me like clockwork.

Don’t flatter yourself.

She’ll run. I’ve been posting that since the day after the 2016 election.
She may not win anything, but she will announce and enter the primaries.
She’s the modern day Harold Stassen.

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