Hillary for V.P?

She seems to be very excited about possibility of serving in the Biden administration. Even a little giddy. After Joe’s brain totally gives up the ghost, do you think that Kamala would pick the witch for V.P as a way to annoy Patriotic Americans? Hillary will not give up her thirst for power until she’s dead. And maybe not even after that. :vampire: Should they recycle Hillary again?

Pick the witch?

So Trump had power involuntarily thrust upon him?

It would seem that some have a very vivid imagination.


Are you speaking of moi? I can’t see Joe lasting more than a year. He’s probably in mid stages right now. Who would be a better pick for Kamala than Hildawg?

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I have no clue what this question even means. Or how it relates to Kamala’s V.P… :man_shrugging:

You talked about Hillary being “power hungry”. She was a senator, a SoS, and ran for president. That’s it.


End of thread.


Ok. Sure. She’s not power hungry at all. I’m cool with you not believing that.

I want to see those two go at it. :scream_cat:

Hillary lost bro. Get over it.

If that’s your baseline then I guess that label applies to all politicians.

Lest we forget her conduct as first lady.

Got any particulars?

She advocated for health care. The horrors!

No way bro! I’ll get over it when Hillary does. It was the highlight of my political life. Like watching your team win the superbowl. Seeing Hillary and the network bubbleheads cry like babies was precious. Why would you want me to get over something that provides such joy?

Hillary is definitely letting people know that she is interested and available. What position will they give her?

Maybe, But I’m not here to discuss my feelings.

What position will they offer Hillary?

Yes, she advocated for crappy health care. With better levels of coverage depending upon who you are.

Why don’t they just offer everyone the congressional plan? And be done with it? I’d take what Pelosi has in a heartbeat.

Why Pelosi? How about Gym Jordan? I’m sure he has the same plan.

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Why don’t they just offer everyone the congressional plan? And be done with it? I’d take what Jordan has in a heartbeat.

Good idea?

Oh yeah? Did she say so?