Hillary "Don't Tempt Me"

Oh my god many people on the old forum were 100% positive Romney was going to win.

I wasn’t on here during Romney but nobody can match the left for nasty gloating nor would we want to.

I was sure Ham Sandwich was going to win in a landslide.

She actually said she could beat him….again! :rofl::crazy_face::roll_eyes: Bring it on Hilly!

I don’t know, my wife got fired the next day because her accent wasn’t a good fit for the company and Trump won (the minority(5%) business partner/accountant apologized but couldn’t do anything about it). I don’t think I’ve ever seen a leftist/centrist fire someone because their candidate won out of spite.

There’s nothing the left wouldn’t do out of spite. Like have riots just because they lost for example. Have an ongoing attempt at a coup(3 years and counting) based on feelings.

The ugly comments election night were beyond belief.

I remember talk media was talking up how the polls were wrong and Romney was going to win and win big.

To the degree where Romney changed his campaign schedule last minute and went to states like Pennsylvania where he didn’t have a chance in hell in winning…because his own internal polling was based on the idea the polls were “skewed”.

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You hope she is.

I hope she goes away.
She isnt running… she wouldnt even get the nod.

You wish she was…

True, after 2018 mid-terms, a lot of Trump loyalists scurried off somewhere else. Couldn’t face losing seats. Liberals swallowed their pride and kept posting on the old board.

Remember that Romney yard signs outnumbered Obama yard signs.

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I think Hillary is Palin 2.0

That’s unfair.

At least Hillary never stated she read all of the magazines and newspapers.

That is total BS.

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Not even close. Hillary didnt quit 2 years in…

I love these threads. It’s like Al Bundy re-living the big high school game.


Lmao, echoes of Dick Morris all around you; “Romney in a landslide”.

Rove had to be literally kicked off Fox that night for being in denial, and everyone here was right with him.


Morris and Rove were definite highlights.

well my goodness…

is that Hillary, in the news, AGAIN?!

That was the funniest night in politics that I have ever seen.