Hillary "Don't Tempt Me"

Hillary Clinton tells Trump “Don’t tempt me” to run in 2020.
Is the Hag really considering a run?

No she is trolling trump

And end of story


:rofl: here she comes…

Don’t start. I mentioned a couple of days ago that IMO this was a distinct possibility and started a thread on it but every single lib in Hannity Land has assured me…it’s not true…get over her…they wouldn’t vote for her if she did…and it’s all in our imagination.

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The same bunch of liberals told us she was a shoo-in in 2016. They told us to "Get used to saying “Madam president”.
You’re better off reading tea leaves than listening to them.

“Don’t tempt me.”? Coming from her, that’s a death threat. :rofl:


She won’t run.

And she really should just shut up.

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Don’t we already have a thread on this?

Has H Clinton nominated?

With the Russians out of the way, she would be a sure winner.
She needs to do it.


Has H Clinton nominated who?

That…was beautiful Doug. Thanks! :rofl:

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She has the right…She does not have the ability.



She has a motive to keep it alive.
The Clinton Foundation peddles political influence. Keeping her name in the news, helps that along.

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This is true.

I have enjoyed having her mostly out of the media and don’t want that to change.


Cue the Trump World tizzy! :rofl:

They peddle children too, powered by votes.

Yes they were very arrogant going into election night.

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Yes this happens every election on here. Welcome to politics. Both sides are sure they’ll win. Too bad we can’t see the gloating about Romney before he had his hat handed to him.

I don’t remember any? Were you gloating about Romney?