Hillary Clinton health mystery continues as failed candidate wears scarf and heavy coat in sweltering 90° heat

We dodged a bullet.

Since The Don has been elected, some doc’s have been diagnosing him without examining him.

How about a Doc that Diagnosed Hillary prior to the election without examining her?

he said he would divest.

instead we get threads like this one.

because it is evidence of liberal’s poor judgment. We knew she was in bad health and getting worse. But libs laughed.

I didn’t start this thread.

Someone was questioning the source of the information. I just put other sources. Someone was stating she came out of a cold building, so I put sources that it was more than just one occassion.

If she would ride of into the sunset never to be herd from again, we wouldn’t keep bringing her up.

Like saying she would like to be CEO of facebook and saying it’s were the majority of people get their news.

she’s got more than a bad back. the seizures are pretty serious.

This is awesome. Some posters on this thread scream fake news all the time when Trump is involved are the same ones eating this up. It is a crazy era we are living in.


Heavy coats in sweltering heat are usually worn by shoplifters.

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Right. So the fact that she’s still publicly visible is all the motivation you need to keep finding trivial reasons to keep bringing her up. Gotcha. Sadly your misery will last for quite a few more years because it doesn’t look like she’s gonna disappear and she won’t be dead any time soon.

Yup. That’s probably a sirloin steak hidden under the back of her coat. Now you’ve got her.

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Once again, I’m not the originator of this thread. Mearly posting in a thread somsone else created, and giving further information since the info in the op was questioned.

every once in a while a thread will come along that will kinda surprise me. this is one.

ps: i sent a letter to DC and asked why the men wore jackets. i’m awaiting their response.

So your sources are:

A foreign paper
A domestic rag
A forum

Wow. You got her this time snow.

Seriously. I thought you were above this nonsense. You continue to prove that wrong.

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Yes. Yes. Your participation in this thread was to only present a source to clear up confusion. Oh wait. Nope. Your first post was questioning what she was hiding. That doesn’t look like a link in any form I’m familiar with.

Trumpist to the bone.

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What exactly is the crime committed by wearing fashionable clothes to conceal what you don’t want revealed to the world? Why does she have to reveal a back brace to the rest of the world? Forget that stuff.


I noticed the men were in three piece suits, a k a long sleeved items and trousers, too. Don’t see the Original Poster going off about that.

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it doesn’t have anything to do with her health. they know they support a person who has been corrupt his entire career and these types of threads help them keep their mind off the bulldog investigator. she’s their safe place.

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I don’t have her on anything. I’m just pointing out that the op is correct even though people have been attacking the source they used.

Just showing that it is real. The video is good, you should watch it.

No crime, just shows America made the right choice in President.

Stop pretending to just be a rational observer. That ship has sailed for you.

What’s the mystery illness, then, if you believe OP is correct. Tell us Dr Snow.