Hillary Clinton health mystery continues as failed candidate wears scarf and heavy coat in sweltering 90° heat

A major development in the continuing mystery regarding Hillary Clinton’s health. Even in sweltering 90° heat, she continues her recently found habit of wearing heavy coats and scarves.


She has worn these outfits when traveling around the world recently, leading to speculation she may be wearing a back brace. Hillary Clinton continues to promote herself and force herself into the public eye - why can’t she be upfront about her health? It continues to look like she concealed a major health condition from the American people in 2016. :angry::angry:

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Hillary lost…a long time ago.

Its ok to let go. Your therapist will appreciate it.


maybe my favorite description on wiki is about The Gateway Pundit and it says this (which is perfect for this OP)…

"The Gateway Pundit is known as a source of viral falsehoods and hoaxes.[15][16][6] As a result of a number of lawsuits against Gateway Pundit over its false stories, it was reported in March 2018 that Jim Hoft had told his writers to be more careful, saying “I don’t want any more lawsuits so we have to be really careful with what we put up.”[24]

The Gateway Pundit has promoted false rumors about voter fraud and Hillary Clinton’s health.[14][25][26][27] Specifically, rumors of Hillary Clinton’s poor health were disseminated via The Gateway Pundit’s articles entitled, “BREAKING: 71% of Doctors Say Hillary Health Concerns Serious, Possibly Disqualifying!” and “Wow! Did Hillary Clinton Just Suffer a Seizure on Camera?”[25][27] As to voter fraud, The Gateway Pundit published an unsubstantiated report during the 2016 presidential election from the Internet Research Agency claiming that Republicans had accused Broward County, Florida officials of tampering with mail-in ballots."


As long as Hillary Clinton continues traveling the world to trash Trump and Trump supporters, I’ll continue to speak my piece on her.

Wikipedia is user edited and isn’t accurate. The Gateway Pundit is not perfect, but they always cite their sources. In this case the sources (photos of Clinton) are all provided. What’s to disagree with?

you do a good job of protecting your favorite politician (who lies, cheats people, is an adulterer and trashes Americans).

did you see those numbers?

Um…why are you concerned about the health of a failed presidential candidate?

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Still can’t get over her can you.

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So you are saying she hasn’t been wearing a coat and scarf in 90 degree heat? That there are not pictures of what looks like a back brace under her coat?



I don’t recall pictures election summer of her wearing a big heavy coat in the heat complete with scarf.

What’s she higing now? In India she used a big long scarf to hid the brace/cast after she fell down the stairs, then fell in her hotel room spraining/cracking her wrist.

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Wow lol I clicked the link, only to see a smiling picture of Hillary stepping out of an A/C building wearing a stylish pantsuit with a pretty decorative forever scarf, along with a bunch of men wearing coats and ties and women in long sleeves.

Gateway Pundit still pathetic as are it’s sycophants.


You are concerned or perhaps obsessed is a better word about Hillary’s health and that she may have concealed a health issue yet are okay with all the concealment Trump has done. He said he would release his tax returns and never did. Said he never paid any money to a porn star in the election andcthen admitted he did. Where was Trumps transparency during the election?

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Snow, I used to think you were a little more reasonable, but you’ve gone out of your way to disprove that since Trump’s election.

Look at the damned picture. Men and women alike are all wearing long sleeved suits. The title would have us believe she’s wearing a snow coat with a heavy scarf. She’s just wearing a long-sleeve jacket…like everyone else, and a scarf as an accessory. It’s certainly not tightly wrapped or anything.

Of all people, I hope you’d be able to rise above the sensationalism GatewayPundit.

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I chalked the coat and scarf up to age and the fact that she is inside temperature controlled spaces (which can be very cold), but that one that shows something in her back made me genuinely concerned for her:

I hope it’s not serious.


So we’ve got the blue coat with scarf outside.


We’ve got a green coat inside, with the same “thing” on her back. Same time frame

It’s NOT just gateway pundit that is reporting on it, they picked it up from others.

New Zealand paper picked up on it

daily caller (first one I saw reporting on it couple weeks ago)


Baltimore sun.

So like I said, it’s NOT just gateway

Okay “light coat” and scarf in 80 and 90 degree heat.

Can you explain the “thing” on her back as easily?

That does it! I am not voting for her in 2018!

If she’s wearing a back brace, she might have a bad back. It happens to a lot of people nearing 70 yrs old.

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Hillary Clinton health obsession continues. Shallow Trumpists refuse to get over her.

And of course an OP from Gateway Pundit again ices that cake. C’mon. At least have some self respect. Quote Alex Jones or something. At least that way you’ll look like a little less than a partisan hack fake news troll getting information from the Dumbest Man on the Internet.

Just imagine if she had won! I mean, a bad back?!? She would need to be impeached!

She’s obviously an alien. That’s how she communicates with the Mother Ship.

Seriously, how ■■■■■■ up must you be obsess over a thing like this? I find it hysterical that Trumpists try to act like their above the fray then they start threads like this.