Hillary Clinton cheering Americans dying

Hey, it’s to make a political point! Presidential, am I right?

What was she thinking?


I’m not seeing any cheering. False thread title.

Triggering cons i love it

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god she is disgusting
exploits this to vent her loser spleen

no wonder they say trump is sent by god


She’s still their Queen…libs here would vote for her in a heartbeat.


Exactly. She can do or say anything. They lap it up and love it. As evidenced here.


i mean thats just ■■■■■■■ low

people are dying, losing their livelihood…


Yes, she’s a horrible, bitter person but also completely irrelevant in 2020. Ignore her and she’ll disappear

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Because it annoys you. If you actually paid attention youd know we really don’t care for her.

But because it annoys you we enjoy it…

Same goes for trump…

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It’s all about politics. Couple days ago forum member started a thread about stop with wanting people to die. For “some”…yes some the higher the body count the better. More havoc it wreck on economy the better. Because deep down they believe it’s still better then Trump being a pres. That and need to win at all cost.

Now of course libs will deny that…same way they deny being progressives, then socialist etc.


yeah i hear ya. this is a good example of something being torture for the mere thinking man. or woman

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Nobody is defending her

Of course they would.

She jumped right into the deplorable basket, sounds like Trump.

Just proves once again; libs are not better.


she exists because of people who think “she is making a point”

itd be a shame if they lost a loved one. wonder if theyd still praise her. lol. “yeah stick it to him”

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MidwestIndy seems to be doing quite an admirable job of defending her and justifying her tweet.

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I agree. More of a mealy-mouthed, bull ■■■■ comment out of the side of her stupid face.

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trump would never say something so ■■■■■■■ vile

Incorrect. I mearly pointed out the absurdness of your thread title.

if any of you lose a loved one, elderly parent, brother/sister, remember…

“he did promise america first”

puts it all in perspective huh?

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Would, has, will.