Hillary ain’t running for President

She ain’t running and she ain’t going to prison either. Womp, womp.


That still won’t stop the HDS.

She never was. She’s a tool to rile up the herd.

She is going to pull a governor Schwarzenegger :grin:.

Make another Terminator movie?


Good. Worst candidate ever. Losing to Trump is such a failure that no one should ever listen to her on anything again.


The withdraw will be hard on Hillary haters and will last for years. Should not have ever gotten addicted.

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No problem, they have AOC to hate.

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It takes a while for these drugs to build up in your system, bet yeah, one day AOCDS will reach its peak.

That has to be fake news.

I was told repeatedly by several posters here that she is running and will be the Democrat nominee.




I read on here that she might be. In fact I read multiple threads on here that she might be.

It’s ramping up pretty quickly…

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I can only hope

An article from Fox News (aka the Trump News Network) confirms it - here is that source in case someone says CNN is fake news.


Ugh this is becoming a trend here on hannity…hds…tds…tbs…annoying

That’s deplorable news I tell ya. :sunglasses:

I thought that trump and pence were getting impeached, and pelosi was moving up to the big job, selecting hillary as Veep and then resigning to make hillary the Pres.

What happened?

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Who told you that?

That’s the first time I’ve heard that idea.

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