Hillary ain’t running for President

Yes, proving that if Hillary Clinton did not exist, Fox News would have to create her.

Newsweek. But it was still ryan, not pelosi at the time.

It looks like you can’t tell the difference between a hypothetical and a prediction.

Draft hillary.

Seriously though, I look forward to seeing her as a cnn audience plant (retired grandmother) at a bernie town hall.

Neither of which looks like the jail cell cons told us she would be in.

More Republican fantasies.

Losing Hillary as a candidate reduces who they can focus on. AOC is their prime target now, but she’s too young to run, so they are left playing out fantasies in their heads.


Keep digging up articles from 1 1/2 years ago.

God, this is beyond sad.

All I know is that Hypothetical Week magazine thought it was news fit to print in their dusty rag.

No wonder the whole operation was sold for $1 Dollar. (too much if you ask me)


Happy hillary will never be president day!!

Doesn’t seem like you thought this one through all that much.

So it all worked out in the end.

*The first failed woman general election presidential candidate from a major party.

So you agree that newsweek is fake news??

From the party who will never nominate a woman as President.

Why do you fear Hillary so much?

What makes you say that?

Now you can’t tell the difference between a hypothetical and news.

Happy hillary will never be president day.

And just in case I forget, I’ll wish you the same for tomorrow as well.

I thought she was supposed to be jail by now.

Or dead of her various medical maladies.

The current occupant made fun of Meghan Kelly and “bleeding from wherever”.
The current occupant paid off 2 women to be quiet after using them as sexual conquests.
The current occupant told a reporter that you can grab [women] by the ■■■■■ and just kiss them.
The current occupant does not respect women.
Most Republicans worship the current occupant.

It will take decades before the Republican party can scrub the stain of the current occupant from their memory. And from that, old men will continue to be the Republican nominee for President.

Might? I thought that was will be.