High noon? Trump on Fox 2 hour town hall. Today at noon

Cuomo: No American will choose the economy over health. That’s what we have been doing for a couple hundred years dipstick. Risk reward. Libs can only survive in safe spaces. Mucho dipsticks.

I’ve survived just fine.

Hey K: please read this 20 percent increase This year thus far: https://www.chicagotribune.com/data/ct-shooting-victims-map-charts-htmlstory.html


I had just seen a similar update.

Way more in 2020.


So I’m from chicago all my life. What do you know about all the violence that happens here?

Wondering if that means you believe in electoral college as well?

I know how to read. Try it you might like it. Jus sayin’

From a disinterested spectator the Electoral College to me appears to be a flawed methodology to select the president and vice-president. It my opinion it should be based on the popular vote.

Then you know that it’s a safe city. I’ve gone through this many times. I lived on the west side three blocks from united center. I wasnt nervous. The shootings are 90 percent drug related. Until the flow of dope is contained it’s not going to stop. They dont shoot random people because it’s bad for business. They will go to jail for it. The rest the cops dont care so much. Is it right probably not. You cant stop and frisk, cant live under martial law so what to do

I realize those things about Chicago. I spent a fair amount of time in the Red Building a few years ago. However, my comment about the statistics wasn’t a slam on Chicago. Just making a point about allocation of resources. Cheers.

I thought that would be your conclusion. But isn’t that inconsistent with respect to Coumo’s saying that NY should get more votes, er ventilators, than other states? You need to think about what I am saying - - I realize that it may not be immediately obvious to some. I am struggling with how to make it clearer. Thanks for your patience.

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Turn on your TV and see. :man_shrugging:

Too funny.

Sorry - in the office for a few hours, getting my team’s unemployment paper work in order.

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:pray: :pray: :pray:

Only Pence so far. Missed the start so don’t know scheduling of appearances. Just announced Trump answers questions coming up soon.

I’m sure those questions will be tough.


I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t go bad. Every time he talks the market goes down and we spend hours hearing his advisers clear up his comments.

I hope im wrong.

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What do you expect to be asked that has not been asked about 100 times? You got anything new?

Not watching… wonder if questions to be asked have been 1. Preselected, and 2, allowed to be asked with the condition that they be prefaced with praise and adulation.