High noon? Trump on Fox 2 hour town hall. Today at noon

Could be better than the movie which is great! Good over evil.
Orange Man Good


Will Faucci be there?

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Heads up. You need to add some commentary to your post. If not, it will be deleted.

My comment is … “What could possibly go wrong?”

Seriously. We don’t need Trump speaking off the cuff about such a serious thing.


Thanks for the tip. Understand the worry, but only way to get his message out. Better than tweets. Moving the country back from the edge. I’m optimistic.

I hope to goodness someone with some common sense is there to keep him on message

Cuomo doing his best on tv right now trying to undermine Trump it seems to me. Also Cuomo wants priority on receiving medical equipment caus N.Y. has more cases than other states. Sorry Rhode Island, you lose because you and a lot of other states have less geography and less citizens. Libs are all the same. It’s all about them.


Actually it’s only logical.

What is? And why?

No it’s not. It is self serving. I am hungrier than you, therefore no food for you. Of course, smaller states shouldn’t get more than they need.

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Prioritising sending medical equipment to New York over Rhode island because they seem to be the epicenter right now

Just imagine if a conservative states took that position. CNN: Liberals must die so Conservatives can live”.


Actually it’s the opposite right now. Most people who die tend to be older and probably vote gop. So theres that

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That is a significant misrepresentation of what he said.

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I certainly hope so. That woman doctor too.

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What he said was that New York has a more immediate need for equipment like ventilators as NY will peak earlier than other states based on their cases compared to other states.

Irrelevant. Chicago has skyrocketing shootings this year. Send all our cops to Chicago? I am not saying NY shouldn’t get their fair share but not at expense of other states. All should get their fair share (oh no, do I sound like a liberal? Gadzook!

Bu…buh… it could happen in Rhode Island at any time!


That is not what he said.


Actually our shootings are way down this year.