Hey, Trump supporters:Trump is selling your email addresses and phone numbers

Why does it have to say where Obama or Clinton did the same thing? This article is about Trump; it would not make any sense rhetorically to mention Obama or Clinton because the article is about Trump.

It’s bound to have happened with all politicians. It’s just another outlet for them to make money. Everyone’s guilty on this, especially corporations (and politicians).

She’s calling you out for hypocrisy. You stated that it was the first time a sitting president has done this. What about the incumbant presidents running for re-election? Surely their campaigns have done it as well.

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Follow the conversation.

Except the article does state that it’s been done before :slight_smile: She’s just wanting to bitch about the timing of WHEN they sold the lists. Like that even matters. :roll_eyes::neutral_face:

Digital files of supporters’ data have become indispensable tools of modern campaigns, relied upon for fund-raising, mobilizing volunteers and rallying supporters to get out to vote. And they have become valuable currency in their own right, sometimes reaping millions of dollars in rental fees for the campaigns that built the lists and the list brokers who arrange the rentals.

It is not uncommon for former candidates to rent or sell their lists to pay down debts, or for active campaigns to swap parts of their lists with those of ideologically aligned party or campaign committees to build their networks.

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I am following the conversation.

Either believe the article or don’t.

I believe Obama and Clinton did the same thing…just as the article points to.

“The new effort by Mr. Trump’s team, however, appears to be the first time the campaign of a sitting president facing re-election has opted to market its list.”

Believe what you wish.

This is completely different. It happened on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday. Apples and Oranges.


Not only libs. As you would know if you kept track.

When Obama was exploiting Facebook users to help win re-election, it was an act of political genius. When Trump attempted something similar, with unclear results, it’s a travesty of democracy and further evidence that somehow he stole the election


In 2013 (as a sitting President)

Data You Can Believe In
The Obama Campaign’s Digital Masterminds Cash In

Earlier this year, senior members of President Barack Obama’s campaign team took a trip to Las Vegas. Nevada holds a special place in Obama-wonk lore as the place where his monthslong strategy of defeating Hillary Clinton by slowly and surely amassing delegates emerged. But the operatives were not there in March for any political reason. They were there to make money — specifically to land what they hoped would be the first corporate client for their new advertising business, Analytics Media Group (A.M.G.). Its bland name obscures its relatively grand promise: to deliver to commercial advertisers some of the Obama campaign’s secret, technologically advanced formulas for reaching voters.


He did plenty of “cashing in”.

It was just OK for him to do it, apparently.

Who said it was ok to do it? You are struggling.

Just defend Trump doing it or not. That is what this thread is about

Apparently those who insist Trump is the only one doing it?? I’m not the one struggling sweetie. That would be the ones who think past Presidents, candidates etc. never did such a thing despite the article stating they did. It’s just a timing issue they want to hang their underoos on.

There is no defense of Trump just acknowledgement it is not new, just about every business, social media outlet, politician etc., has done it and continues to do it and it sucks. There seems to be no way to get away from having your info sold.

It’s a crappy practice but one that seems to be ongoing with no real sense of limitation being put on it.

Looks like you didn’t read the article. The article talks about selling of this info being a staple of modern campaigns.

What the article is saying is that this seems to be the first time a first term president has done it.

Again, all you have is the TIMING, not that it hasn’t been done before by every other president.

I read the article just fine. Even clicked on the links showing Obama and Clinton did the same thing just the TIMING was different.

Pick your nits.

Again, no ever asserted that Democrats don’t sell/rent voter info. You are arguing a point no one else is making.

This article is about a first term president doing it, which is unique. Whether that’s better or worst than what Democrats do remains to be seen.

What I find funny is most cons celebrate the fact that Trump isn’t a “politician” but at ever turn he does politician type stuff.

The hell, you say? What does this imply?

Where does it say that Obama or Clinton sold the information to someone else? Cause that’s what the OP is about.

All you guys have is timing and that is a non-issue when it comes to the bottom line…info being sold.

Obama nor Clinton are mentioned in that article.

The article seems to be simply pointing out hypocrisy of Trump, who has stated that this type of data is overrated.

Yeah, they are (not by direct name), in the portion where they talk about past presidents and candidates doing it and linking to articles that support that statement.

You just have to actually click the links to read that. Of course I also posted the links directly for those who chose not to look at the supporting information.

Before it was done on a Tuesday but now it is done on a Wednesday. Completely different. We are shocked.

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