Hey, Trump supporters:Trump is selling your email addresses and phone numbers

In recent weeks, Mr. Trump’s campaign, which is not known for its adherence to political norms, quietly signed a contract with a newly formed Virginia-based company called Excelsior Strategies to market the emails and cellphone numbers — what is known in the political industry as first-party data.

I’m on trump mailing list. Guess I am going to get spammed.

Oh well


Yeah, this never happens. :roll_eyes:

Good grief, you guys can’t remember anything that your side also does can you?

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I keep getting spammed on my cell phone to work for Beto. I sure as heck didn’t sign up for any Democrat sites or give them my phone. How the heck did that happen and are we concerned about that, or just Trump?
You think the NYTs would be interested in that story?

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Shhhhhhhhhhh…there is this little blurb in the article too, but you aren’t supposed to actually read it, or remember that the dems have been doing this also, because it ruins the whole thing.

Digital files of supporters’ data have become indispensable tools of modern campaigns, relied upon for fund-raising, mobilizing volunteers and rallying supporters to get out to vote. And they have become valuable currency in their own right, sometimes reaping millions of dollars in rental fees for the campaigns that built the lists and the list brokers who arrange the rentals.

It is not uncommon for former candidates to rent or sell their lists to pay down debts, or for active campaigns to swap parts of their lists with those of ideologically aligned party or campaign committees to build their networks.

Don’t forget to follow the links in the article. :wink::sunglasses:



The new effort by Mr. Trump’s team, however, appears to be the first time the campaign of a sitting president facing re-election has opted to market its list.

That’s the spirit. Defend the practice when it’s your side.

It makes no damn difference WHEN they do it. They ALL do.

Hell, everybody does it. If you think your info is not being disseminated and sold right and left you are delusional.

Keep those pom poms waving for the defense.


Remember there are two sets of rules…one for us and one for them.

Libs are special that way. :wink:


What are you arguing about?

Who’s arguing? I’m stating something. Know the difference?

You’re the one trying to make equivalences and implying it’s OK when your side does it but not the other based on WHEN it was done.

Libs also thought all the data mining and what not that OFA did while Obama was campaigning and after the campaign was all perfectly fine.

My how your values changed.

Did you miss the part of the article that said no sitting president has ever done this?

I didn’t imply anything. I merely included the part of the article that you failed to include.

Again, you and every other lib did not care when Obama reaped tons of info off you and your friends.

I don’t give a ■■■■ WHEN it gets done. That is your only complaint and it doesn’t even matter since it is all legal. Not that that makes it any better, because I hate the practice myself.

Obama did the same thing, he just did it under the guise of OFA.

And don;t try to imply I was doing something nefarious by leaving out that part out. I read the article. That little tid bit means absolutely nothing other than it give libs a reason to bitch about something everyone else has been doing.

Libs been doing this all along. I know where to look for it since they have been doing it themselves.

Then they break it like it’s just them doing it.

I don’t think you are in a position to accurately assess what I and “every other lib” did or did not care about.

I’m not commenting on timing. The article points out that the trump campaign is doing something that no other presidential campaign has done. But you’ll believe whatever you need to believe.

I don’t think this is uncommon. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s not inconsiderate. We get spam phone-calls all the time, especially now that House midterms are coming up and there are many local offices that are going to become vacant as well. Everyone is doing it. Drew Edmonson, Kevin Stitt. It’s not just phone calls; I’m getting texts too. I don’t see why this is any different.

You continue to believe the dems are lily white and untouched as the undriven snow in this.

All of them have done this. Obama did it under the guise of OFA, Clinton did it as a candidate because well, she was never President, but the have ALL done it and continue to do it.

and yes, libs were all for harvesting.


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No, it’s not uncommon, and yes, it sucks but to sit here on some ivory tower and pretend their side never does this or hasn’t done this is delusional.

Your info is bought and sold every day by just about everyone you are in contact with. I don’t like it either, but there seems to be no way around it. All I can say is thank goodness for caller ID so I can ignore any call where I don’t recognize the number.

To split hairs and whine about WHEN it happened is nothing but trying to defend the practice when one side does it but slam the other side for doing the same thing.

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Where does it say that Obama or Clinton sold the information to someone else? Cause that’s what the OP is about.

I got a message from both the Cruz campaign and the O’rourke campaign to donate to them. I told the volunteers that I was a broke college student and they kept pushing for me to donate. It might be because I donated to Cruz during his presidential campaign…whoops. I never gave out my phone number to Beto though…? I don’t even live in Texas. :thinking:

I think that there may be someone trying to sabotage Cruz’s campaign.

Somebody didn’t click the links in the article.

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