Hey, Trump supporters:Trump is selling your email addresses and phone numbers

This thread is why its great to be in the middle. I like the Trumpsters who say “the other side did it!”.

Like little kids. Timmy does it!

yeah, pointing out hypocrisy sucks doesn’t it?

But those denying Obama and Clinton did aren’t little kids to you are they?

Nope, just going to bitch about one side.

In the middle my Aunt Fanny.

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You see me take a side here? I’d say it was wrong unless all of the donors signed off on it. Their fault if they did.

I see you castigated ONE side for what libs want to call whataboutism instead of what it really is…pointing out hypocrisy.

New York Times.

my yahoo email account (figure it out why dontcha)

gets spammed by both dems and reps.

nobody is making money off of biggestal99


Not mine! :smile: