Hey Migrants. We don't swim in your toilet, please don't poop in our pool

Once again migrants have shown their gratitude to the Europeans who have welcomed them in. It looks like a group of 50 took over a German pool, created havoc, ignored the orders of pool staff and of course a group of them decided to take a dump in the pool. :poop: The pool had to be closed. There has also been a rash of sexual assaults against young European girls at these pools. Awesome! What a way to thank the E.U. for helping you!

Imagine if conservative men spent 5% as much time thinking about all of the random white guys committing sexual assault here on a regular basis as they do the foreigner boogeyman they can use to push their nationalist agenda.

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Typical deflection.


Imagine what the Europeans must be thinking. Probably something like this: Jeez Deter, isn’t it amazing how much our quality of life has improved since we welcomed all of these migrants in?" :laughing:

if teh OP had bothered to read the article, there is no mention of the nationality of the kids who pooped in the pool. its a different incident then the one the OP linked to.

This is teh pool incident (in french)

English Oldman English. This is America and we all speak English.

It said they were migrants North Africans to be specific. Here’s another source.


or this:


It was like Caddyshack without the candy bar.


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Freerepublic is linking an article from Jihadwatch. This story is all over the hard-core, right-wing, nationalistic parts of the internet. I’ll wait for some facts.

Believe what you choose. What do your news sources say? Do they dispute it? They would if they could. When they can’t, they simply don’t cover the story. You won’t find in in politico. It doesn’t support their agenda. How about the BBC? Does that work for you?

No need to figure anything out, we already know what the hell is going on.

Immigrants need to be rounded up and held in concentration camps until those guilty of crimes can be tried and punished, and the others deported back to the home countries. And then the borders of continental Europe need to be sealed off, by any means necessary.

There is simply no way to tease apart the immorality of the lawbreakers from their ethnicity. Europe must be saved for civilized people, and America must not make the same mistake letting these degenerate, diseased cultures in.

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“Believe what you choose” is a good summary of what’s going on. If there’s not a story saying it’s not true then it must be true.

Interestingly enough, I lived in a couple of apartment complexes when I was growing up, both of them full of Americans.

The pools in both would have to be closed at least once a month due to some filthy American kid pooping in the pool.

some dude called the cop on a group of black woman at a pool this year because she didn’t “Belong”

I ran the original German story through Google translate and there is nothing about anyone pooping in the pool.

Could Breitbart be embellishing the truth?

There is a great article up at stormfront. Don’t kill the messenger!

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Either way the op and his supporters in this thread realllllllly hope the foreign brown people ■■■■ in that pool.

I used to be a lifeguard at a pool during summers when I was in high school.

Yep… people poop in the pool.

Don’t know why… but it happened often enough that it is a huge bummer.

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