Hey Migrants. We don't swim in your toilet, please don't poop in our pool

How about this one? Sorry Dude. No area that has a high number of migrants has seen an increase in quality if life.

My uninformed opinion is that countries should not have loose immigration systems, especially if the immigrants aren’t assimilating.

The complaint was with the logic that unless there are articles saying something isn’t true it is true. The internet is trash and there are “reports” everywhere.

We have gotten used to our current level of shootings.

They can become numb to it also.

Enough of a portion of the first generation will never assimilate to the satisfaction of the people who are against immigration in the first place.

Generation two and three is where assimilation really begins.

That is as long as the immigrant population isn’t continually marginalized.

These immigrants sound dangerous, they poop in pools and cause havoc!

They are coming for your way of life, hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

Right, But they imported their shooters. Ours were born here. Except for the ones who we let sneak in from Meh-he-co.

I see. So these nit wits who decide to poop in the pool will teach their kids not to poop in the pool?

Think of all the pooping, soon you wont even be able to find a decent pool to swim in Germany!

A clean pool loving county getting desecrated literally by dirty immigrants!

Imagine if you actually commented on the thread topic.

I have seen plenty of white people poop in the pool.

In college there was a guy who thought it was hilarious to lay a deuce in the dorm showers.

Really? Plenty? Where the hell do you swim? I’ve been to swimming pools 1000’s of times. I recall only once somebody pooping. And the perp was about two years old. Where did you see a group of white young adults take over a pool by force and take a dump in it? I’d love to hear this story.

I worked as a lifeguard in VA during high school.

Usually it was younger kids.

A couple of times it was the old ladies doing water arobics.

It happens.

It is a real bummer when it does.

Our immigrants commit lower rates of violent crimes than our natives. I say let more in so our numbers go down.

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Immigrants maybe. Illegals nope.

According to the GAO, criminal aliens (the government’s term) represent one-fourth of the total population of inmates incarcerated in federal prison. If estimates that there are about 11 million illegals in this country are correct, that’s only three percent of the total U.S. population.

What part about “no longer has (his) job” do you not understand?

Sounds like Democrat Politicians. They let people just poop wherever they want.
Then pay millions of dollars to have to clean it up!