Hey libs. Do you really want to know why conservatives love Trump?

I mean REALLY know?

Okay. I’ll tell you. It’s because he delivered or attempted to deliver on nearly every promise he made. Not all. But nearly all. The average conservative probably agreed with about 90 percent of what he tried to do. We’re used to about 50 or 60 percent tops. 90 percent is unheard of. We have never seen this in our lifetimes and may never see it again.

Most libs don’t like this fact so they create their own reasons and project them on to us. You don’t have to do that. I explained the reason. Don’t over think it. We don’t need to prove or justify anything. The reason is exactly as I said. Simple stuff.

So you can no longer say you don’t understand. If you don’t understand now, it’s because you don’t want to. Please don’t ask us to take a test to prove this. I for one will not.




I know I am enjoying my beautiful Trump healthcare plan and all the money we got from Mexico to pay for the wall.


Oh Jimmy. You missed the point. This isn’t a debate. I told you why. I predicted this. If you still don’t understand, it’s because you chose to remain ignorant. There is no president who has given us more than Trump. We don’t need to run that by you for confirmation.

BTW. Conservatives don’t trust liberal factors. Wanna no why? Cuz they have chosen sides and are not “independent” at all.

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Trump didn’t open up our border to vast numbers of uncontrolled migrants just as the main pandemic problem became the spread of new variants being created all over the world.
That is all you need to know to justify voting for Trump over Biden.


Are you able to show the math on your 90% claim?

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I’m not telling you why you should approve. You should not. I’m telling you why we do. Nobody is cares if you agree with our reasoning. We just want you to know our reasoning.

All the winning… make it stop.

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Trump used common sense approach to problems. He didn’t over think em.

If you take away his antics and just focus on his solutions…he was a good pres. Did more for Conservatives then what most people realized.

I will vote for him again.


I would’ve liked to have seen the Platinum Plan come into being, especially if the economy and production were still awesome. I’d settle for an American made space race though.


Nah. It’s because he takes big, beautiful, really the most beautiful ever big-handed swings at the people you’re super duper sure are the enemies of freebertist national Jesuslandian goodness.


No. Why would I do that? Did you think I was trying to justify something to you? Since you reject the reason why we like Trump. (Cuz you know only liberals are allowed to explain conservatives votes). You are free to create your own. As I predicted. I told you why. I also told you that you would continue to invent your own reasons. I’m okay with that as long as you hear the real reason.


Liberal arrogance on full display. They know why we voted more than we do.
Thanks for helping out!


Nah. Amusement. Drumpf punches down and you guys get the tickles.


Got it. Even though he only did a fraction of what he said he would do, botched the whole Covid response, and destroyed trust in our democracy, you guys still love him.


Do you understand why we voted for Trump now? Or are you gonna continue to invent your own reasons? In order to understand. You must WANT to understand.


Ooh. Sounds more like anger to me. Lighten up Francis. If I gave you some fake liberal reason for why conservatives voted for Trump, would that put you in a better mood?

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A lot of republican politicians deliver or attempt to deliver on their promises.

Trump was a bully. Appealed to our base impulses. And built his brand around hating the “other guy”. That’s why people loved him.

Oh, and also because he was a white man who wasn’t Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Your opinion. We already knew your opinion. I gave you ours because you didn’t know.
Now you do!!!

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