Herman Cain hospitalized with covid

He attended the Tula rally 9 days ago

Wasnt wearing a mask.

Who could of foreseen???

I wonder how many others are infected


So the calls for libs with Covid 19 to attend Trump rally worked?



Hope he makes a speedy recovery!


Or more obviously, the Trump campaign in actuality had their own infected staff running around there.

age comes into play here.

I’m still being very caution.

I’m sure campaign staff were all tested.

I know. He’s a cancer survivor too. I’m hoping the hospitalization is for extra precaution.

Yikes I hope he recovers and that this is a wake up call for all the doubters

Yes. They were. I believe it was 8 who ended up testing positive. In the days before the rally.

Yikes. As long as they can keep him off ventilator. Still isn’t very good odd.

I didn’t hear about that. Been busy as of late.

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Stop. Please?


This covid virus has been distributing a lot of karma. hope he gets better.

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I’m seeing lot of young people not wearing masks.

Oh ■■■■■ Hopes for a speedy recovery.

Yeah if you’re in a high-risk group, which he appears to be in, attending indoor rallies with no mask really is not smart.

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Hopefully Cain recovers completely. And hopefully everyone learns from this. CDC protocols are there to protect ourselves and everyone around us.


Yes…about about to start wearing my painters mask again. Bought more standard medical masks, but that doesn’t prevent from getting it much.

My painter mask can filter out my brother farts…covid doesn’t even come close. :wink:


Yes and they need to wake up too

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This is terribly unfortunate. I genuinely wish him well and hope he recovers. At his age and with his medical history, he is in a dangerous position. This is what happens though when something as basic as wearing a mask to protect yourself and others is turned in to a partisan issue, with Trump leading the charge for the unmasked. Trump is a danger. Will people start to open their eyes and recognize this?