Here we go Again, Rayshard Brooks Shooting

The police escalated the situation, lost control, and shot a man in the back. Obey or die.


What are those area’s though? Soho in Manhattan? 6th street in Austin? Lake Street in Minneapolis? Capital Hill in Seattle? Lafyette Park in DC?

Those are the neighborhoods where the looting, riotting, and occupying has occurred.

Facts don’t matter. A white policeman shot a black person. In the current mob hysteria that is all that matters. Basically, we are seeing the attitude on a national scale that once drove lynch mobs.


Have you considered the possibility that everyone has the same facts as you, but thinks this is wrong?

Rayshard grabbed their tazer, he pointed it at them, they shot him.

They didn’t need to. The entire escalation police was the doing. This could have gone a different way with a different mindset. Obey or die doesn’t seem to be working.

They mean where black people live.

And now the residents have nowhere to go grocery shopping, get living essentials or get prescriptions filled. Can’t use public transportation to go elsewhere the metropolitan transit cancelled services.
Worked out well huh? The locals must be thrilled.


They’re super thrilled after the police kill someone.

For years now, we’ve been told the tazer is non lethal. So let his drunk ass run around with it, since the putz cops ■■■■■■ up and gave it to him in the first place.

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Yeah no we aren’t. We’re seeing the same attitude of the civil rights era. Nice attempt at trying to compare this with White racist mobs. :+1: :us:


It could have if it were police policy to allow people to flee with stolen weapons. What do you think criminals would try to do if that were police policy?


None of this is true in any of the places I listed but I’m sure it felt right and good to say.

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Based upon recent events, Rayshard may have feared his life was in immediate danger as the police attempted to take him into custody and was killed trying to save himself.

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How about calling an ambulance for an intoxicated person? We did it all the time at the bars I worked at. No one was killed.

“Flee” He was asleep in a parked car and because tweedle dee and dumb showed up he’s suddenly fleeing with a tazer the cops gave him, shoot him?

It’s ridiculous. This is another example of our absurdity.

The looting, wilding and murders that have occurred are the same attitude as the civil rights era? Well, no. Check out “David Dorn”.


That’s the only way these 80 IQ cops can think of, apparently.


Obey or die is a bad default setting.

I’d rather have a couple of social workers instead of these two putz’s.


There were riots and looting all over the country during that era. Is this a joke?

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No, he’s suddenly fleeing with a stolen taser because he chose to flee with a stolen taser.