Herd immunity, the bar lowers

I have about 5 more of theee where you were confident that the spike is coming. Your final statement on the matter:

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thanks for proving my point.

how do you like your crow?

It’s been 2-4 months. Where is the spike. Your science and common sense told you all this. It’s September next week.

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The post said that the spike is coming. Anytime now.

There are still people protesting in nyc.

Any day now

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its started.

you really should keep up on these things

It’s from a month ago there is no overall spike in nyc. You cherry picked an article. Keep up with the accusations though.

Yes but if we are at herd immunity why would there be a spike?

Because there is a limit on time of herd immunity?

If the protests didn’t cause a spike, why did we shut down the economy?

lol… cherry picking. bwahahaha.

its started

I think they played a role. I never argued that there was no correlation between the two. Just no confirmed causation. Similar to posters here saying nobody knows how Cain was infected.

Is there a time limit? There was one study that postulated the possibility. If there is a time limit why is New York not seeing the spike in late August. These are all fun correlative questions to ask.

Over nyc numbers are at 1 percent. You can bwahaha all you want. Have fun. Spike!!! Hahaha


Downward spike!! Lol

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Australia has had BLM protests. There was no spike as a consequence of those protests here.

Then why did we shut the economy down?

To limit deaths and now we know to limit the number of long term side effects.

Because the time limit is longer than estimated? 4-6 months instead of 2-4?

The virus is going to run it’s course.

I Am rooting for that more than you can imagine.

Keeping bars open would stress our medical system. They had to close.

What? Why did we not shut the protests down to limit deaths?

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Why more so than protests? I’ve never seen 50k people in a bar.