Herd immunity, the bar lowers

I was assured by our liberal and leftist friends that I was ignorant and knew nothing about science. Apparently our resident “experts” aren’t so “expert” after all. Why did hard hit NE cities not see the virus spikes while other cities did after Floyd super spreader protest events?


Sometimes, a little common sense is better than ivory tower egg head babble. The answer was plain as day all along. Doesn’t fit the leftist narrative though. Silly leftist kept asking the wrong question as I pointed out time and again. The question was never why cities which were largely not hit were having spikes, we knew that… super spreader Floyd protests. The question was, why are the cities which were hit not having spikes when they obviously should have… a marginally higher level of herd immunity seems to be all it takes.


But then you use an article quoting the works of elite researchers and not a bunch of Palinish know nothings prattling on about nonsense.

Nothing has been set in stone about this at any time.


lol… a conclusion i came to months ago based on common knowledge, the available facts, and the application of a little logical reasoning and common sense. glad science is finally catching up with me.

weren’t you one of those claiming i was ignorant, that it didn’t work that way, that i knew nothing about science… yes, i believe you were. how do you like your crow? fried? baked? maybe a nice cream sauce?


They regurgibleet what they’re fed and label free thinkers as ignorant or some other negative label. I’m used to it now. :sunglasses:

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it really didn’t even require much logic to reason it out, and yet “experts” denied it, studies by economists (as if playing with numbers proves anything) denied it, leftists denied it. Liberals giddily repeated the denials and labeled anyone who disagreed ignorant and deniers of science… same playbook, as always.

I was also assured the New York is about to see a spike since the 2-4 months immunity has come and gone.

So is it permanent herd immunity. Is it 2-4 months herd immunity. Will the Amazonian capital start getting hit again.

By the way the article says hospitalizations have plummeted not cases.

I don’t believe I was, I think Ive been participating in these threads much, other than reading.

Nothing in your article is set in stone. Everything is still a moving target.

Geezuz Smyrna.

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You are taking the words of “experts” in that article.

maybe you should read it again. both have gone down. new cases are dropping fast.

and, if the science regarding the short life span of antibodies is correct, so will this be

I wanted to add that this is amazing news if it bears out in places like the us

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Yes i said fall will see a spike. This is the exact thing i said was going to happen. You said that the spike is coming due to protests. It hasn’t. You were incorrect. It’s ok though.

cool, maybe you can suggest a dish for those who did?

and the last there, is pretty much what i said when i was assured it was settled science and i was wrong.

your reading comprehension is less than adequate. I never said a spike was coming to those cities because of those protest, i said they avoided the spike because of a limited level of herd immunity and that as that level dissipated they would see increases. the increases have nothing to do with the protests that happened months ago, that’s over. they will be normal increases of virus spread… unless they go back to the streets and once again partake in super spreader protest events.

it already has. see nyc.

Again no it hasn’t. If it has then that article about a crazy spike would be wrong. You are contradicting yourself all over the place

why would i not believe them when they finally agree with my own conclusion? nice that they’re catching up.

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If there was no spike because of the protests, why did we need to shut the economy down?


you apparently don’t read well.

yes, it did happen in nyc. denial won’t change that. and yes, if the antibodies are as short lived as they say, there will be a spike, but it will be a normal spike. which in a highly congested city will be large. not as large as the first i don’t think, but still large. that will be “normal”.