Helpful hints during inflationary times for poor folks who make less than $300K/yr

I did not see canceling your subscription to the WSJ and other legacy media on the list.

Of course, if you are on a fixed income you could always more overseas to a location where basic living expenses are much cheaper. Tucker Carlson was amazed to find that a basket of groceries that would cost close to $400 in the US cost only $104 at a Moscow grocery store:


Russia is not unique in its massively lower cost of living. Most places outside of the US and northwestern Europe are far cheaper. For example, here is a comparison between the US and Serbia.

Who is to blame for the high cost of living the US?

Are retirees and others on fixed incomes going to have to leave the US to make ends meet?

…ask any lib…TRUMP!!! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


My money is on the COVIDs while ignoring how it could have been handled differently.

Best helpful hint I know is fired the occupant of the White House

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There’s no proof big govt helps the people. The federal reserves has destroyed the value of the dollar over the last 100 years, and all high taxes do is allow the govt to have larger and larger deficits.


Lentils are $1.56/lb 1/3 the protein. I’d rather have a $4 1 lb steak. Doesn’t matter if it’s bottom round and tougher than hen teeth.

Whoever is running Bidens Administration and I think its Obama, the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime.

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I do not blame Trump…

I do blame Reaganomics.

Yes, a pound of lentils is not the same as a pound of hamburger.

A basic problem is that the government has been cooking the books to make inflation look lower than it really is. Lower inflation rate means the inflation-adjusted (“real”) GDP appears to be bigger as well.

In 1980, US inflation rate was calculated based on the retail price of a market-basket of goods. Since then, the CPI has been changed to allow the substitution of lower-cost alternatives and to ignore the cost government-mandated changes. For example, in you can’t buy a car or appliance today that would meet 1980 safety and efficiency requirements. The cost of meeting the modern requirements is real, but they are not included in the inflation figures. Home-ownership costs are based on simulations not actual prices.

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To be fair to Biden, he has been good for my oil company stocks and pharmaceutical stocks.

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Lol of course you think its Obama because thats what right wing media and especially social media has told you.

The Obamas are enjoying their money and freedom from politics. There is absolutely no evidence that Obama is a puppet master.

I blame an irresponsible, out of control wasteful spending, primarily self-interested government…

…but that’s just me. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Remember Obama told us this is the new normal. That’s the Lib agenda, to slowly impoverish us and acclimate us to the same low standard of living as other Communist countries. To speed the process up, import millions of illegals to drain our resources, increase crime, take jobs and depress wages, drain savings and increase our credit card debt.

Meanwhile Lib elites grow wealthier and live in gated communities and guards in their workplaces. They aren’t affected by what they’re doing to everyone else, but they know their drones will stupidly continue to vote for them. Amazing…

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No one told me how to feel about B.O., he stinks to high heaven and this Administration is nothing more than a 3rd term of the biggest mistake this country has made, and he is using the senile Biden to fast track the destruction of the country.

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Ah so its feelings. Hmm all our con friends on this forum routinely make fun of “fee fees”


Trickle down economics has worked so well for the middle class.


Clearly the answer is “Learn to code”.


Over the next 5-10 years more and more people will have to consider complete careers shifts if they want to remain employed.


Software Engineer may not be the best field to choose, with the rise of AI.


Yeah, I don’t have much income but a pension and wife’s SS (OK, I made about $75 in tips playing guitar this month), but S&P500 is near record level - my 401K is up over $52K since January 1.