He Outraged Them 🤣

“They have concluded that Vice President Harris is not capable — that when her IQ gets to 75, she should sell,” he continued

:rofl: Oh my!


We should maintain civility in spite of our political differences. As in:


love it. that should enrage about “81” million people but i doubt they disagree


But she’s as ■■■■■■■ stupid as it gets.

What’s the big deal here? :man_shrugging:


3 chicks racist


Nah. Civility is a quaint relic these days. I am sure we will return, but not anytime soon.

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"when her IQ gets to 75, she should sell,”

I’m sooo stealing that! :smile: :smile: :smile:

I’ll file it away with such gems as “If he had ■■■■ for brains, he wouldn’t stink.” :wink:


I am not optimistic at all.
Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speach behind his back is a sign we are beyond repair when it comes to civility.
I could live with a doofus walking into Senate in shorts and a hoodie but Pelosi’s act and the ‘scum’ attack by a Pres. candidate…no, civility is gone for good.


it will come back. once the boomers die off.


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The FBI altering emails, changing it’s meaning to dupe FISA court judges or the FBI doing the same using a lying dossier that was paid for by a political opponent to smear her rival and no one has been charged to date.

How about paying Twitter millions to filter out references to a laptop of a politician running for office in what could debatebly be the biggest election interference in our nation’s history…but no one is charged.

In fact, 51 retired intelligence officers all labeled it to be Russian disinformation right along with the FBI’s efforts.

This is about a lot more than “civility”. There are major crimes happening at our top levels of government institutions, interfering with our elections and no one is being held accountable.


What an uncivil thing to say …


so perfect

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nah not until the left stops being such outright yahtzees

We’re all guilty of it. We talk each other like crap. I do it too, more often than I should. Really wish we could find more things to agree on, or at least spend more time discussing the things we do agree on. We are (supposed to be) compatriots.

“if everyone could just do what we say then we could be compatriots”


Treat each other that way as well.

Been on a freeway lately?

I bet Ms. Harris’s IQ is higher than Sen. Kennedy & trump’s combined.

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What is the bet for?

No need to combine Kennedy and Trump.

Both win by a large margin one on one.

I don’t know about that, but I bet it’s higher than yours. :wink: