He Outraged Them 🤣

Based on… what?

No surprise to see more hate spewing from Al.

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What an uncivil thing to say.

Are you a Millennial?

Yes, but I’m not the one bitching about the loss of civility. :smile:

Besides, if she thinks Harris is so bright, it could be taken as a compliment. :wink:

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The boomers are civil. It was not until the last few years when civility took a nosedive. Wonder who started voting around that time?


“If the mean libz could just stop making us feel so oppressed, we could stop complaining about it incessantly on the internet using emojis.”

It’s easy to say rude things but is it worth it? I dunno.


Haha. Good point. I actually think the freeway is okay. Head on a swivel!

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People who think men can be women?

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yep…and judges who don’t know what a woman is.
A… w o m a n judge to boot. :rofl: :wink:


Are you ready? I one zillion percent agree.

…so you don’t do well in Vegas…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

i dont drive but my wife does.

we were going to the movies yesterday.

we were sitting at a light crossing Route 46. we were in the straight lane. other car was in the turn lane with turn signal on. car in turn lane goes straight and almost creates an accident…

no civility on the roads, thats a given.


And once Biden resigns because everyone has recognized that he is seriously into dementia, it will be impossible for Democrats to ditch her for another white male.
I am looking forward to that.
Fetterman can run with her as VP.

Probbably the same as her weist in inches.

Probably true about Trump, but the Kennedy hayseed/Mr. Haney thing is all an act. He is a highly educated person who for some reason has decided his constituents prefer a hillbilly in the Senate.

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That statement says (and explains) sooo much. :laughing:

I’m sorry I couldn’t hear the question, I’m in a bleating sheep stall. But what I do know, is a zillion times zero is zero. My friend.


what does it say besides i will never be at the wheel during an auto accident.

enlighten me.

millions of non drivers wish to know.