Hawaii congresswoman and combat veteran Tulsi Gabbard calls Trump 'Saudi Arabia's (dirty word)'

Caution. Bad words at link.

I agree with her. The American president can handle this a million ways. He could place a phone call to SA and use his great sales skills. He could go hard line. He could work with our allies. Or he could roll over.

He picked the last one. He’s just not very brave and worships $$ above all else. That limits him as a human and as our president.

No one should ever wonder about letting a business man lead our country again. This is what you get - people who place money over all else.

Looks like Democrats are going to make sure and get to the bottom of this, since the spineless cowards in the GOP have no interest in doing so.

Additionally, they will be exploring whether there were personal financial reasons that caused Trump to once again attempt to discredit the findings of our intelligence community.


I wonder if anyone will come into this thread and say a politician shouldn’t be that unprofessional.

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Fat donald has said that word a couple of times in public.

Decorum…where is the decorum??? Bwahahahahaha :rofl:

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Make America Weak Again!

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Cool! I love it! We need more of this!

Not that anyone will be shocked by this, but Trump is a lying liar.

Nobody is surprised. But it should never stop being pointed out. Ever!


It’s funny that a 37yo woman is telling a 70yo man to grow some testicles.

It’s too late miss.

Absolutely! Every single one of his lies should be pointed out daily and repeatedly. And his supporters should constantly be reminded of who and what they are continuing to sell themselves out for.

That’s part of his strategy. He lies so much it just becomes background noise.

Can you imagine being a subcontractor, 35 years ago, and signing a big deal with him? You probably had no idea that you may have just bankrupted your family.

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Indeed. It is all part of the gaslighting.

I just continue to be astonished at how many millions of Americans are so easily duped by the con.

Seems the females have them all on the Dem side…

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Of course he is. His lips were moving.,

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They don’t care.


Its hard to deny it at this point England, Canada, France, Germany, have all heard the tapes and confirmed it as Bin Salman who ordered it.

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Would have been better if she had used the Arabic word. Lost opportunity.

She has bigger balls then me, id feely admit that.