Hate to bring up another thread on Iowa but dang it’s close now

Check out this headline.

It seems the stunt they’re pulled in Iowa had it’s desired effect. Buttigag comes in as front running and claim that Sanders campaign is stalling.

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I already said it doesn’t. Yoyu know what does represent them though? The actual lack of outrage coming from an extremely vocal group. The vast majority of those talking about Bernie being robbed are Trump supporters, not Bernie supporters

Opinion noted. I can’t help but wonder why Bernie himself isn’t getting P.O. ed at this point.

^more proof the outrage is not there like Trump supporters hoped it would be.

Maybe he has another house headed his way? :thinking:

Surrender accepted

Iowa is 91 percent white. My feeling is (and it’s only a feeling, based only on my perception) is that whites in general may have a little more tolerance toward gays than some minorities. Which would give Pete an advantage. I don’t think he will be able to win in the south. I could be wrong.

You’re surrendering?

I’m hearing his Black support is nearly zero because of that issue.

I never said he would. The only point Ive made in this thread is that Bernie supporters are not freaking out mad like Trump supporters are pretending

Same. He has no chance of winning the general without getting at least 80 percent of the black vote. This is an issue that the democrats don’t want to talk about. Just as they ignore Islamic homophobia.

This isn’t new. He he won’t be your President or even the next Democratic nominee. America is still too bigoted

Yet we are. Strange

America isn’t bigoted.

Agreed. But the dems won’t mention it. And I don’t blame them. The smart thing to do is to ignore the issue. Without a large majority of the black vote, they cannot win.

Sure it is. I witness it every day

No it isn’t. Repetition doesn’t make it so.

We have bigots. But as a country we are no worse than any other country. And better than most.

Then why do we? Its like you’re ignoring things are actually happening around you

The failing, liberal New York Times

There are a few bigots here and there but as a country heck no we aren’t bigoted.