Hate to bring up another thread on Iowa but dang it’s close now

Yep, that’s what we like to tell ourselves im order to not feel guilty

I don’t have anything to feel guilty about. Do you?

I don’t either. I bet we wouldn’t agree with him about what constitutes being a bigot either.

I have no doubt about that either

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Probably not. I can say that personally, my race relations are excellent. As a country, most of us don’t obsess about race. It’s non issue for probably 95 percent.

These Democrats are idiots!

When are the sickos going to apologize for funding Obama’s spygate?

Gays used to claim they just wanted tolerance. They achieved that long ago.

What they want/demand from Christians now is approval for their lifestyle.

That would be in defiance of Biblical teachings. I’m certainly not going to do that.

According to that poll there is a real chance Biden will finish in 4th again. If that happens there is no spinning the way out of a faltering campaign.

That is simply not true. I dont know a single person who cares whether a bigot approves of their lifestyle or not. They just want the same things granted by law to others

I never paid much attention to the race of people. Neither did my dad.

I get along great with other races. Worked shoulder to shoulder with many of them for 40 years. A number of them came to my wedding.

For me, I don’t approve or disapprove. I have no right. It’s not my life. Not my decision. Doesn’t effect me at all.

It is true actually. They try to force Christians to go against their religious beliefs (ignoring the 1st amendment).

Christian bakers have no problem serving gays for example except as regards ssm wedding cakes.

That violates their Christian beliefs. The gays try to force it anyway.

That’s just wrong.

There are plenty of bakers who will do a gay wedding cake. They should avoid the drama and go to one of them. Then everyone is happy.

Well it would effect me as a Christian. For example they want/demand to be in positions of leadership in churches.

The scriptures are quite specific and strict as regards leadership qualifications. Some left wing churches choose to ignore those scriptures (at their own risk i would say) but i choose to adhere to those scriptures.

For example deacons and bishops are supposed to be the husband of one wife, raise his children in obediance to the Lord, etc ,etc. The Apostle Paul listed them in not just one but 2 of the books of the bible he wrote.

Well that would be the sensible thing to do. If one is picking a fighting then i guess one would actually look for a christian baker though.

They cannot demand that. I have never heard of the government forcing churches to put anyone in a leadership position.

They don’t use the government to make that particular demand but rather try to get churches to go along with it.

Some more liberal churches are going along with it.

The conservative churches are standing firm.

Everything is a conspiracy. EVERYTHING!

LOL. Sure…Downplaying it.

One of one and controversy abounds. 49 more to go!!

The race to concede to President Trump is going to be fun to observe.


Which is how it should be. The freedom to chose your leadership. The leadership of conservative churches are certainly not free from sin either.