Hate to bring up another thread on Iowa but dang it’s close now

Flipped over to check the results earlier and mayor Pete looked all but having it won at 92% votes in and a .7% lead. But just checked it again to see if it was over and the old communist might pull it off after all. The counties out must have been Sanders counties, what a swing.

96% reporting
Pete Buttigieg 26.2%
Bernie Sanders 26.1%

Can’t go making it look like they outright stole it from the Bern this time. :rofl:

Yeah, damn that damn DNC rigging it for…Buttigieg? :laughing:.


Here we are now 3 days out of the caucus still haven’t tallied the last few votes.

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I have no doubt they trying to screw Sanders over. His soldiers know what they did.


According to Trish Regan the voting system used was bought from the wife of Buttigieg’s campaign manager.

Things that make you go hmmmm. :thinking:

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Nothing was rigged republicans like me are trolling the fact they flubbed the election with and app that was made by the people of team Hillary.

Now in Bernie Twitterland yes they 100% believe the caucus was rigged even if he manages to eek out a .1% victory they are saying it shouldn’t have even been close and it was rigged by the DNC to make it close.

They have been freaking out for three days I haven’t seen a more rabid crowd than the Bernie crowd. Only thing close was the Ron Paul crowd but it was a small in comparison, and they were preaching 180 degree opposite messages.

Right now Warren is playing spoiler for Sanders. Wonder if that’s by design. :thinking:

Yeah they remind me of the Ron Paul followers. I think them bigger than the Ron Paul followers but yet still limited overall.

Don’t think America is ready for a full blown socialist.

Probably not. Her ego will not allow her to think she cannot win i suspect.

I am sure even if she starts losing she will pressured to stay in so he don’t gobble up all the progressive votes.

Indeed. They will make sure her campaign gets funding precisely to do just that.

A lot of my friends in real life are a Bernie supporters and not a single one of them is freaking out. Not one

There is always the appearance of Shenanigans whenever Bernie is involved. Confidence in the system is definitely damaged.

Good point.

I am assuming all your friends don’t make up the armies on twitter #bernie2020 #berniewouldhavewon #berniewoniowa #bernieorbust #feeltheburn #greennewdeal and 100 other echo chambers were they have been screaming out “Foul” since Monday night.

We all have our vices and it turns out that I’m all over twitter like a tramp on chips.

No they are not all of them but they are a cross section. It als doesnt change the fact that the widespread anger conservatives say is coming from Bernie supporters is simply imagined and confimed to a small segment

Does that mean that if I can find conservatives posting on Twitter with racist hashtags that those racist conservatives represent the majority or is it simply easy to find whatever you want on Twitter with a quick search?

The vast majority of Bernie supporters are not riled up like Trump supporters desperately want them to be

Does a handful of your friends represent the entirety of Bernie supporters? :thinking: