Hate crimes increased 226% in places Trump held a campaign rally in 2016


I think it’s something more. An inanimate object shouldn’t have such a pronounced abject effect on the emotional state of a well adjusted person.


They can vote. In elections in their own country. That whole citizenship thing needs to be resolved. It is a vestige of colonialism.


Their own country? They are Americans.

I agree though. I would like for them to choose to become a state or go their own way.

Either way though, likely a bunch of people will have to be grandfathered in regarding citizenship. Their economic opportunities would be better in Texas, with the added benefit of being able to vote in America.


Well guns, it doesn’t.


Yes. Puerto Rico is a country. No they are not, the are Puerto Ricans granted citizenship as a group by an act of Congress as the result of a war and colonization.


Exactly. Think of it this way, if a study can determine what it is that provokes such primal violent rage in some people at the mere sight of a hat, perhaps we can build on those findings to determine what it is about scary looking guns that envokes suck irrational fear in them as well.


This man disagrees with you.



It’s honestly smart for Donald Trump to use people’s hate for his own personal gain. From his perspective anyway.


Who knew words and symbols could get people angry, truly a mystery!


Getting angry is one thing, going into a violent rage is another…there is something very broken about that.


They died because of that hurricane and the lack of government support.

  • US counties where President Donald Trump held a campaign rally saw a 226% increase in reported hate crimes compared to similar counties that did not hold a rally, political scientists at the University of North Texas said in a Washington Post analysis.

From the supposed “study”.

“Reported Hate Crimes”.

How many convictions?


What support was available that was not provided?


The sort of support that doesn’t result in thousands of Puerto Ricans dying. Or was that not possible?


That is what the scumbags are claiming all over.


A completely vacuous dodge of the question.

What resources were available that were not provided to PR?

Be specific.


They should not include as “hate crimes” those where the actors were not apprehended and the motivation of that actor determined. This has been just too much of an area for political manipulation and falsehoods.
If the effect is real, the same or similar percentages should show for verified incidents.
“Somebody drew a swastika on my garage door” just doesn’t cut it. Who did it and what was their motivation?


Yes. To the USSR


You want an excel spreadsheet or something?


I expect you to support your position. What resources that were available were not provided?