Has Trump bottomed out?

It’s been a bad month for trump. Covid19 and then the george Floyd thing. The old one two

Trump is no longer the favorite. Biden is.

Can trump mount a comeback or is he toast?


It’s not looking good but I think I will wait a few months before making a prediction. Last time I predicted Clinton was going to stomp him bad as most everyone else. I think it will be close again in terms of a handful of states will decide everything I think Florida and perhaps Pennsylvania are must wins for him, as I I don’t see him winning Michigan or Wisconsin again this time around.

Still a few months and a few debates to go, I personally think he had it before the coronavirus now it’s not looking good. Democrat victory - Made in China :wink:

If O’bideon Bama wins I hope he does well as these are perilous times in terms of social cohesion and the massive debt as well as the Fed seems out of tricks to boost the economy with interest rates back to zero, one prediction I am willing to make is this country will have negative interest rates within a year.

Naaaaaaaaaaahhhh…Hillary’s gonna win…the polls all say so. Oh…wait… :sunglasses: :+1:


Well lets see, 3 million more Americans citizens wanted Hillary than trump. So I think we’re good.

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Have you ever heard of the electoral college? I think we’re good. :sunglasses: :+1:

Answer the question posed. This isn’t about the 2016. Joe Biden isn’t hillary. It’s 2020. Focus.


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Funny, I see him winning all 4. Throw in Minnesota as a bonus for riot backlash.

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he might, but it probably depends on how many more leftist disasters afflict the country by nov

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3 million more we’re still good.

Biden needing his chin wiped every 10 minutes, good luck with that.

Dead people that are on the democrat registry shouldnt count

800k ticket requests for the first of the many upcoming return of the Trump rallies !!!
Upcoming explosive liberal tantrum storms to climb to new TDS levels.

Y’all just need to be worried that Joe’s duck pond doesn’t dry up. Those ducks quacking provide the only enthusiasm during Joe’s staged and controlled basement virtual campaign events.
Honk honk

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Good thing they don’t.

parallel universe…focus.

Smyrna :sunglasses:

Not in the least, with stuff that’s happening now I want trump to have lots of rallies.

Yeah, yeah…just like the last time…amirite? Talk to me Goose. :sunglasses:

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One thing that gives me hope that he might beat O’biden Bama is that I was looking at an article on 538 last year that I will link below that listed issues the democrats ran on listed in order from popular, mixed opinion, and unpopular. It looks like whoever is running the democratic show went to the four issues listed as unpopular among voters and decided to run on these four issues. Defunding or getting rid of the police wasn’t talked about at the time of the article in 2019.

Which are

  • Confederate monuments in public spaces should be removed
  • The number of immigrants in America should increase
  • Reparations
  • Abolishing the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency

Might? The democrats and crazy eyed fanatic liberals have handed the election to Trump. President Donald J Trump might be the luckiest person in the world because his rivals are absolute certified idiots.

I’m sure #bunkerboy will do just fine. After all, who doesn’t want a leader who builds a wall around the White House and hides in a bunker while Rome is burning?

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Bottomed out or not all I want and to Quote George Will, “I want him out of public life…”
November cannot come fast enough.