Has Trump bottomed out?

I ain’t saying ■■■■■ I thought he was toast last time, yet here we are.

Biden’s advantage is that he’s largely out of the limelight and not campaigning publicly, yet. His handlers are doing good work.

Trump simply cant keep his mouth shut.

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The economy is showing good signs of recovery, Corona virus has had it’s maximum impact in terms of fear, so the public has learned to deal with it as the new normal, the stock market is rebounding nicely. The people are going to remember how Trump handled the riots as opposed to the idiot Democrat mayor’s and governors…

Meanwhile, The kid sniffer has been hiding out through the crises, but he will have to come out to debate and explain his disappearance… The debates will finish his long but indistinguished career. Finally!!

I saw in an article that at this point in an election year, a president’s approval percentage only changes, on average, 3 to 4 points until the election. He’s in the low 40s now. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing any surge in Trumps popularity.

But half of them will be in the hospital with covid.


What signs?

gdp is in the toilet for any of the upcoming months.

Unemployment is projected for about 10% on Election Day.

Or is there something else that indicates a good economy.


And in each case not as a result of any policies put in place by the Trump Administration. Unfortunately for the Prez, his handling of each is scrutinized by agenda driven media and politicians looking for yet another magic trick to remove him from office.

Or it could be a repeat of 2018 when the dems rode the blue wave back to house majority.


Six factors for economic recovery.

  1. Air travel down 80% from 2019.

2.dining out down 60%

  1. Movie attendance…zero right now.

  2. Hotel occupancy down 45%

  3. Gas consumption down 20%

  4. Public transportation use down 45%

Economy still has a ways to go.


The Donald will bottom out on November 3.

Notice I said RECOVERY. True, it’s not good right now. It’s also True that the current economy is in no way the result of Donald Trumps policies or actions over the last three years. There was NOTHING Trump could have done to foresee what effect this virus was going to have on not just our economy, but the economy of the world. It’s also True that as recently as March, Trumps policies and actions brought our economy to the best it has been in at least 50 years. Record low unemployment across the board. We know you Libs are praying this virus continues to destroy lives and livelihoods, and doing everything imaginable (and unimaginable) to blame Trump, your problem is that half the country still knows how much worse off we would have been under Hillary and will be under the Kid Sniffer.

The battle hasn’t changed. It’s still the undecideds and independents that will decide the race, and you guys can’t get around the fact that Biden is a senile idiot, which the debates will remind people of just prior to casting their vote…

Ask again after the first debate. We will see if America truly wants to embrace socialism.

Biden is not Bernie Sanders.

Who knew! :joy:

Meaning, you’re not gonna hear “scary” socialist talk from Biden during a debate.

Not Biden.

Meaning Biden has to defend tax increases and the re-regulating of the economy. He has to convince people that Trump’s record of success was not really a success. He will do it by charging racism. And most of America will roll their eyes. :roll_eyes:
Our predictions mean nothing. Let’s wait for the debate.

We’ve already heard free healthcare for illegals and that tax payer funded abortion is a right from Kid Sniffer. What more do we NEED to hear that he’s gone full tilt to the left?

Debasing an opponent during a debate won’t work.

What will work is facts.

Trump will have no answer for those.


He will bounce back. He will get a good bump from his mass gatherings. Not often the incumbent doesn’t get a second term in recent times. Mind if, and its a big if, he will join Carter and Bush senior.

so my take he will bounce back