Has “Cultural appropriation” gone too far?

I’ve always been on the fence about cultural appropriation but have read stories that seem to take it too far. I do believe dressing to “ape” a culture is wrong. Similarly, dressing in cultural garb that has religious connotations should be avoided. (Note I don’t think any of this should be illegal)

Recently I have been hearing about white people with dreadlocks getting accused of cultural appropriation. What? It’s a hair style. My white wife had dreadlocks for years and it looked good on her. When black people straighten their hair, are they appropriating a culture?

So now I’m thinking people need to chill out and just let people have their own styles, no matter the originating culture. Perhaps even celebrate this integration of our diversity.


It gives people another excuse to be super judgmental and triggered. I am of Scottish decent. Am I supposed to be pissed off if somebody from Senegal wears a kilt? Yes. If I was a borderline mentally ill, nut job. But since I’m not, I couldn’t care less. Wear what ever the hell pleases you.




When I first heard the term a few years ago and read about it, I thought it sounded like something some far right group would come up with. Everyone needs to stick to their own style and shouldn’t intermix style. I was surprised to find it was coming from the left.

This was pretty much the birth of the woke movement. They started here and have only gotten more tyrannical.

In Oregon they shut down a taco truck food service because the two lesbians running it were not hispanic.

Yes. I love it when someone embrace or take an interest in other cultures. Wearing a kimono, have dreadlocks , cook Thai food, wear a kilt, practice Kung fu. Nothing wrong with that.

Some white people like dreads in their hair. Some black people like wearing a blonde wig.

Anyone making a fuss about it are bitter souls to begin with, always on the hunt for something to be angry toward.


Not my business. None what so ever.


Cultural appropriation is one of the highest compliments that can be paid.

Especially on Cinco, when tequila is involved.

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The French got their asses kicked, what’s not to like?

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Tacos, elotes, magarita are the best form cultural appropriation.

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The French are not the ones at our border, human trafficking or overwhelming our “facilities.”

From partying and drinking tequila to that? What?

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Looked into this, as I was unaware of this issue.

In many ways, adopting another culture’s unique aspects can be a compliment, or a form of appreciation.

But it is a bit murky, where those lines are drawn.

This is an article that i found useful.

Progressives once attacked little girls for dressing as their favorite Disney character. There are many toxic concepts among the left, but cultural appropriation might be the worst because it actively discourages people from coming together.

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The left is attacking the brands.

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Personally, I think this idea of cultural appropriation is hyper woke idiocy. There is no group, nationality or individual on this planet that has not somehow adapted a peice of some other culture in some way.

However, I will say this…when St. Patty’s day roles around, and you false Mics don you’re green shirts and shamrocks, I don’t want to here no celebrating ■■■■ unless you’re willing to pound a fifth of Jameson with me (or atleast buy me a few shots and watch me pound them.)